Reading Glasses – Looking Great Without Spending a Fortune

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Shopping for reading glasses can be a crossroad for many people. They can go to their local store and purchase a lower costing pair. Another option would be going to a specialized optical shop and spending more money.

People worry that they won’t look as good in the cheap ones, or that they won’t get their money’s worth if they go down the high road.

The price of custom prescription eyeglasses will be dependent on the type of frame and lens. A shopper will be looking to spend anywhere from $100 to $1000, in some cases even more. Brand names like Adidas or Candies will cost a lot less than designer frame manufacturers such as Prada or Armani.

New shoppers often believe that the cost of the frames is the actual cost of the glasses. Sadly, the reason you need the eyeglasses to begin with, are the lenses used. Lenses are an important aspect to the cost of eyeglasses, as they come with many different options such as antireflective coating, or sun protection.

The material used in a lens varies between the style of the frame, lens add-ons, and personal preference. For instance, children’s eyewear contains polycarbonate lenses, the same story with rimless eyeglasses.

But that’s not the case for people with higher corrections, as they may opt for higher index material. The frames of your glasses vary between $60 to $500, and that’s not with the lenses. Before you know it, that $60 frame can easily hit $250 with the lens, and that’s taking the cheap road.

Unfortunately that will be the case for full time wearers, but is it necessary for wearers looking for reading glasses? When you wear a pair of cheap glasses from the drugstore, you may be feeling like you are masking your face with some inexpensive plastic. So what exactly is the best compromise on your part? Is there a middle road to this eyeglass crossroad? The good news is yes there is.

There actually is a great variety to choose from. Many eyeglass manufacturers have come to the conclusion that they can satisfy a majority of the shoppers with a straightforward polycarbonate lens. This is the result because reading glasses always have low plus power, along with the same correction in each eye. This leaves many shoppers happy with terrific eyeglasses at an amazing value.

write by James Brown

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