Reading Glasses and Sunglasses – Styles You Need

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A generation ago people would have laughed at the idea of those who don’t need to wear reading glasses deciding to wear them just to look fashionable. Today is a common thing, although when people are found to be wearing glasses only for the sake of their appearance it still seems slightly odd. If you are among those who need them think how lucky you are. You get to use a great fashion accessory and make your own fashion statement without any pretense.

Besides the two generic types – womens reading glasses and mens reading glasses, there are, within each segment, a huge variety of designs, colors and brands available. You can be as conservative or as outlandish as you want to be. There is something to suit every taste and every budget.

Did you know that reading glasses can change your complete look and image? As an example, think of a middle aged man in jeans and a T shirt. He could be anyone. But, put a pair of horn rimmedon him and immediately the impression is of someone with a serious nature and an intellectual job – say a teacher or scientist.

That’s one of the reasons why so many people are keeping more that just one pair – they can change their image and fit into any situation. Women have long known this and opticians will testify that one customer will often buy 2 or 3 different styles. Perhaps it will be rhinestonefor formal occasions, or a slim rimless business like pair for the office. And simple oval ones to wear at home. Whatever the occasion, women know that changing their reading glasses can change their whole look.

Men are now learning this and while they may not be as particular as women about their appearance and the image they create, they too are beginning to own more that one pair. Mens are also being bought is sets of 2 or more. For men it’s the feeling that it gives them that is as important as the image. A large oval pair to put up your feet at home and read the paper gives a different feeling from the business like rectangular type worn in office. One can make you feel relaxed and the other businesslike.

It’s sad that sunglasses have become more of a style statement that a serious piece of eye protection equipment. Your eyes are delicate and should be protected from harsh sunlight, both in summer and in winter. Today, you can get reading sunglasses and bifocal sunglasses in a wide variety if shapes, designs and colors so that whatever your eye care and eye wear needs, you can stay comfortable, protected and in a position to use your eyes for all activities without having to carry different pairs around with your or putting up with bright sunlight because you have to read something while out in the open.

Remember sunglasses are not a matter of style alone – they are also about protecting your eyes. If you need reading or bifocal sunglasses, get them right away and see how much more comfortable you are in the outdoors.

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