Psychic Readings and How to Royally Mess Them Up

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What a disaster, you have found your great psychic reader, it all began with high hopes but now you have the distinct feeling that something, somewhere has gone wrong. Was it you that wrecked it though?

Psychics are real human beings with all the failings we too will have, but they are also likely to be super sensitive, much more so than the rest of us. This means that vibes you are transmitting down the line to them, unconsciously or not, can either vastly contribute to a great reading or sadly, to a terrible one.

Your attitude to your psychic either allows or blocks the flow of energy between you, doesn’t make any difference if this is face to face, on the telephone or online, they do not need to see you to pick up your energy flow – that is what they do.

So what could you be doing if it feels things are going wrong? Do you at some level think this is all rubbish, a scam or completely fake? If so try to let go of such feelings for the duration of the reading, it won’t help at all and will stop you even having a chance of learning more of what you want to know. Don’t be tempted to hold back and fling out testing type questions with a ‘Hah! answer me that then’ attitude, not only is it discourteous but the vital energy flow will be disrupted.

How best to get a great reading then? Decide which general area is the one that matters most to you, health, love, work, family etc. and then compile a short list of questions so that you keep on track. The type of questions you ask are important too, closed questions that give Yes or No answers are not helpful to you, make sure they are open questions such as How, What, When, Where, Why – these will help you and the reader to progress.

How to behave during the reading? First of all be as relaxed as you can to enable you to really listen, encourage the psychic with your responses so that you keep on track, they will then know if the direction they have taken so far is the one you want. If you don’t understand anything, ask what is meant but try not to interrupt any flow that is happening. Be open to new ways of looking at a situation, this might just be the key to unlock your own energy and thoughts – very valuable and of course, as always enjoy the reading.



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