Prescription Sunglasses Combine Style, Utility And Convenience

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Even for those of us who normally wear contact lenses, having a pair of prescription sunglasses is always useful and convenient. There are times when beach sand and soft lenses do not mix well, for example, but protection from harsh sunlight is still necessary. Or, there may simply be days when wearing stylish prescription sunglasses just seems less complicated.

This is especially true for those whose choices in eye-wear may not include contact lenses. Prescription eyeglasses have many advantages, including rock-solid vision correction. Unfortunately, there are situations where even the most precise vision correction may not help. Driving directly into the sun, for example, either means shielding your eyes with your hands, or wearing some of those clumsy and unattractive clip-on sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses may be the solution. These types of sunglasses are available in nearly any correction, including bifocals or progressive lenses. Even for those who need glasses only for reading, there are many styles and materials available today. Modern lenses usually conform to one of three major sun-glass evaluations, depending on location. This includes the Australian, European, and American standards, all of which are based on protection from light, and impact control.

Prescription sunglasses are made from a variety of materials, most of which are combinations of space-age, lightweight plastics and polycarbonates. Manufacturers avoid old-fashioned glass, even though it can make the best visual corrections, because it may not conform to modern safety regulations. In addition to standard tints, some of these ave progressive, or photochromic tinted lenses, which automatically darken and lighten according to the amount of sunlight.

Unless specially treated, prescription sunglasses are no different from regular eye-wear when it comes to blocking ultraviolet rays. While darker lenses somehow look as though they provide better protection, the reality is that ultraviolet shielding is unrelated to lens color. Ask your optician to verify that your new prescription sunglasses include 100% ultraviolet protection along with the regular visual correction and tint.

Do not worry about sacrificing style for function. As any celebrity knows, the right pair of sunglasses can add an air of mystique and make an instant fashion statement, and take their stylistic trends from the latest runway fashions. Retro is always in style, and larger, futuristic looking frames are always popular. Wraparounds, modern-looking shields, and metal-framed aviators usually capture the attention of the style-conscious.

For a bit higher price, there are prescription sunglasses available in trendy designer frames, ranging from the established European design houses, to those made popular on the street. Whatever style you ultimately choose, remember that the real reason for wearing them is eye protection. While fashionable glasses are fun, make sure that your new frames fit the highest standards for eye-care and vision maintenance. 

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