Positive and Positive Attraction – A Paradigm Shift

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There is a lot of pressure on parents, on how to bring up their children. As a father myself, I am often faced with difficult decisions on how to make my four-year old son learn good behavior. I think the most difficult of them all is whether to punish a child for wrong behavior, and how to go about it. It is true that true discipline starts with you as a parent. Your child learns from those around him. Right from the first word, they will try to copy what their parents, or siblings, or care givers do. So, in essence, if you want positive parenting solutions, you should start by examining yourself first, before you impact the same on your child. Here are five lessons, you may find helpful in impacting a positive outcome from your child.

1. Always be attentive and respond positively to life.

A good listener isn’t quick to respond or pass judgment. Even in arguments, try to listen to what the other party has to say and respond positively. A child will grow up learning the positive traits, and not cry when things don’t seem to go his way.

2. Always be organized.

A well planned lifestyle, where you make time for everything, will teach your child to know when it is time to play, sleep, eat, or any other activity; without having to be reminded all the time.

3. Always show love and care to those around.

In homes where there is lack of love or care; couples who hardly talk to each other leave a big gap even with the children. You will find a child withdrawn and unwilling to talk when not in the mood. These children end up as introverts, with no care of what goes on, except when it favors them.

4. Always take calculated risks.

We constantly come across, and sometimes look for, ‘quick-fix’ solutions to things we face. A well calculated risk-assessment strategy will teach your child to seek knowledge before attempting something new. You may say that mistakes make you learn, but don’t make stupid ones.

5. Always learn to give back.

Once you have learned and acquired what it is you are searching for, form a habit of teaching others. Because by doing so we make our environment conducive to growth. A child learns to share, and not be greedy, covetous or prejudicial of others.

In conclusion, I would say, positive actions always yield positive results.

write by Gideon


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