Popular Adult Costume Ideas

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Who says that Halloween is a holiday that is interesting just for the kids and teens? Adults can have fun too and that’s why I present a short list of Halloween costume ideas for adults. For woman, you must decide whether you are looking for a naughty/sexy costume or a “regular” costume. If you decide to go wild on this night, you can always choose a nurse, police officer or fireman costume. These costumes will make anyone look sexy. Men choosing to bypass the “regular” costume, might opt for a more traditional costume such as a pirate, vampire, zombie, or ghost.

When it comes to so-called “regular” costumes, you can choose a costume that reflects your hobbies or interests. If you like movies and TV shows you can dress as some of your favorite characters. Keep in mind that there are many people who love movies and TV shows so you might be wearing the same costume like someone else. If you want to avoid that, choose a character that is not actually the main character in the show. If you belong to the older generation, choose characters that were popular back in the days – 80s or 90s.

You can even try going dressed as your favorite dead celebrity. Not only can you go dressed as them during the height of their career. But you can also go dressed as a back from the grave decaying zombie version of them. By simply adding some special effects makeup, you can turn your Viva Las Vegas Elvis into a Zombie Elvis.

Kurt Cobain is sure to be a hit, especially if you have a date that can go as Courtney Love. All you’ll need is some Cobain sunglasses, grungy hair and an old pair of jeans, black converse and flannel shirt over a distressed t-shirt. Courtney Love is a hilarious costume idea because of all her outrageous fashion statements throughout their relationship.

Want to be culturally relevant? How about dressing up for Halloween this year as Prince or David Bowie? That would really be great, considering the amount of different looks they rocked throughout their long careers. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Go as Snape. His costume is quite easy to do-it-yourself (DIY). All you’ll need is a long black robe like his, a long sleeve knee-length high collared black jacket worn underneath. Long black pants and black boots. The hair can be pulled off easily with a simple black wig (you may need to cut it though). You need a wand too, but you can make a wand quite easily for free.

If your on a budget this Halloween, DIY costumes will save money, and they also help adults and children spark their imaginations. Costumes off the store shelves are often flimsy and one-size-fits-most. And these cheaply made costumes often come with a large price tag. To really take your costuming to the next level and save some money, make your own costume.

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