Picasso Van Gogh and Beyond. The Hues of Passion Art of Today and thru the Ages

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Many of us know that Van Gogh cut off his ear. Thou it is lesser known that he was so poor at twards his final years he lived on coffee and sugar and milkThis is why his teeth always look bad in films about him. As far as his ear goes some think he cut it to impress the prostitute that he gave it to. He was also an epilipetic and an absenth drinker this may have caused the erratic movement to cut off his ear.

Picasso the grandfather of all Modern art, his innovations have created the Cubist movement and art would never be the same. His life and love life were wild and colorful. Picasso had many Women over the years. Durring one stage Picasso was living in a brothel of which he named the piviotal work marking the beginning of Cubism the Des Madmosel De Avignon.

Dali was not sexual like Picasso he was more the oppisite. his parents created a fear of sex by leaving books out and open with sexualy transmited deseases. Imagine the mind of young Dali a brilliant genius child and std photos.

If you love art visit the local library, read up on your favorite artists and please come to our site to look around, add to our forum or just join us. Picasso / Van Gogh

Art has marked us and we have marked it since the beginnings of time from cave paintings, before our ancestors to Leonardo Da Vinci more intelligent then most of the best minds today 500 years later. Art of the greatists will always hold a place in our hearts like the works of Dali or Van Gogh.

Discover some of the lesser known stories of the artists you have always loved. For example many people don’t know that Picasso use to carry a gun around and shoot it in the air at random. Also many people don’t know that Dali borrowed $500 from Picasso when he was traveling to the United States for the first time. Enjoy your life, create and live.

write by Timothy

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