Online Make Up Games: Your Chance to Walk Into the Shoes of a Celebrity Make Up Artist

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What are your red carpet fantasies? Do you fancy yourself flaunting the same diva-like, gorgeous make up look that Beyonce sported last time, on the red carpet, in front of the cameras? Are you a ravishing red carpet beauty queen, in all of your glam life related dreams, striking her poses under those blinding spotlights, dazzling everyone with her beauty? Well, then playing online make up games not only that you get to relive your celebrity fantasies, but you get to actually dig up all the hidden beauty secrets behind your favorite stars’ stunning make up looks, too!

No matter whether you’re a huge admirer of Taylor Swift’s, sweet, diaphanous type of make up looks or you’re just crazy about Kristine Stewart’s glam rock make up style or about Beyonce’s glamorous, sophisticated make up looks, with a few clicks you get to recreate their winning looks and learn all the beauty tips and tricks that will help you look like a diva anytime you want to! They’re a great chance for you to sharpen your make up talent picking out of all those make up products and beauty tools which are at your free disposal in all of the make up games selected by our team especially, for you.From dramatic, bright red types of sheer pink colored lipsticks, to amazingly looking eyeshadow, blushes and foundation creams, you will surely feel just like a famous Hollywood make up artist the very instant you hit the “Play” button.

Now, besides professional make up tools, the great thing about online make up games is that you actually get to exercise your makeup skills on some of the world’s most famous, gorgeous faces: your favorite celebrities’ faces. That’s right, you’ll get to show off your talent and highlight Rihanna’s gorgeous eyes putting together the most ravishing eye make up look for her, to enhance Selena Gomez baby doll loveliness and highlight Robert Pattison’s handsome features. How about styling up the RnB princess, Rihanna, the ultimate trend setter and red carpet diva, who always manages to stun everyone with her fabulous make up looks and make all the other red carpet beauty queens pale by comparison?

Don’t worry if the result doesn’t satisfy you, click on other colors, pick other make up products to use and beautify your favorite celebrity and click by click, brush by brush you will get to those flawless, fabulous make up looks worthy for the red carpet diva that you’ll beautify.

write by Eric Scott

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