Oakley Men’s Gascan Sunglasses – Natural Comfort and Vision Beyond Regular Sunglasses

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Men’s Sunglasses with Style and Function

There is nothing better than a great pair of sunglasses. With a good set perched on your nose your eyes aren’t just protected by UV rays but you look good doing it! (Consider it increasing your ‘face value’!) When picking that perfect pair it’s important to look for style, comfort, and above all function! Let’s face it, if we can’t see where we’re going, what’s the point?

The Oakley Gascan Sunglasses keep style and function in mind. Their Plutonite lens material provides 100% UV protection! The ultra-strong Plutonite lenses bring to the table unsurpassed impact protection. The Gas Can’s superior lenses actually exceed ANSI standards for impact resistance.

Durable, Special Cut Sunglass Lenses

Drops and falls come through virtually unscathed, usually with nothing more than a minor scratch. Protect them further with storage in their convenient dust resistant carrying bag.

What makes the Oakley Men’s Gascan’s even more special is that the two lenses used are cut from the curve of a single lens shield, than mounted into the sunglass frame to maintain a continuous curve and contour.

This attention to detail makes a huge difference as it keeps the shape of the shades consistent.

The Oakley Sunglass Frames

The Gas Can’s frame is constructed of what Oakley is calling O Matter Material. The durable lightweight plastic makes them almost unnoticeable to the wearer while still providing function.

The polished Gas Can frames are adorned with the Oakley’s signature logo on both sides. Oakley actually customized their corporate logo just to fit these shades. Thanks Gas Cans!

The Optic Technology of Oakley Men’s Sunglasses

Oakley also uses XYZ Optic Technology when making their men’s Gascan Sunglasses. This innovation in optical systems maintains the visual clarity at every angle. Allowing the wearer to see from anyway and every way maximizes peripheral vision.

Another great feature Oakley has added to make their Gas Cans a stand out pair of sunglasses is the Three-Point Fit. This element keeps the frames straight and retains the lenses in precise optical alignment. Oakley is putting forth a product that is not only sleek and operable but also has an element of safety.

A Narrow Bridge for Some With the Oakley Men’s Sunglasses

The only complaint there seems to be with the Oakley Gas Can’s is that they do have a narrow bridge. There have been a few complaints about the area between the lenses simply being too big for some, but this complaint has been few and far between.

The larger glasses are meant to fit a man’s nose and face and so if you’re a lady purchasing the shades, suggestion is to know the size and style of frame the person you’re buying for is used to! The Oakley Men’s Gas Cans run around $100 which can be a pretty penny if they don’t fit.

An Above Average Sunglass for Protection and Style

Sunglasses are more than an eye protector! They are fashion accessory and even a status symbol! The Oakley Men’s Gas Cans are both. Carrying the quality and style associated with Oakley while upholding the functionality and sun protection of a great pair of shades.

For around the average price of a good pair of sunglasses, the Oakley Gascan Sunglasses are anything but average.

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