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Oakley is an American company with headquarters in Orange County, California. They’ve been making ski goggles and other sunglasses for athletes since the 1970s and they’ve set the standard for eye wear for competitive athletes, starting with their very first pair of goggles, the “O Frame”. Oakley glasses are even popular in the movies, most notably in the X-Men movies, as they made a pair of custom lenses for the character Cyclops, played by James Marsden.

Designed for performance, Oakley goggles are noted for clarity and the wide peripheral vision that they offer. Their lenses are designed to avoid magnification so you can see things exactly as they were intended to be seen. In addition, they also offer superior impact protection, an important safety concern for all athletes, both pro and amateur, and 100% UV filtering. The UV filtering, which protects from UVA, UVB and UVC light spectrums is actually built into the lens rather than being offered as a protective coating, so it will not wear off over time.

Oakley makes goggles and sunglasses for all kinds of sports so whether you play on water, on ice or snow, or out in the dirt, there’s going to be a pair of Oakley glasses made for your needs. And while Oakley is best known for their athletic gear, they have branched out into fashion eye wear and prescription eyeglasses, and they now produce other lines of products, including watches, bags and shoes.

Due to Oakley’s popularity and, some might say, expense, if you decide to shop on eBay for a pair, you should keep an eye out for counterfeits. Often, on a counterfeit pair of Oakley glasses, the name brand, “Oakley”, will be misspelled. Usually it is the letter “L” that is left out, so if you see a pair of “Oakeys” being sold, those aren’t the real thing! So take care to inspect any photos displayed in the auction for the tell-tale signs of counterfeits.

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