Myths and Facts About Vision and Prescription Glasses

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With the rising usage of prescription glasses, a growth in the myths surrounding them and vision in general took place too. Fortunately, proper research managed to dispel those myths but more awareness among the general mass is required about them.

Myth 1: Though prescription eyeglasses make you see better, over time, they cause vision to get worse.

Fact: The fact most of us don’t know is that from birth, we are accustomed in seeing a blurry world around us. But since, that’s the only kind of vision we have, we accept it as normal. Once we start wearing the prescription glasses, we get a clearer vision. After months of use, when we remove them, we again see a blurry world, but we believe that this is not normal vision and thus, get the idea that our vision has worsened. It is also perfectly natural, that once one starts aging and reach the age of 40 years, they may start suffering from presbyopia. This disorder occurs to every individual and it has nothing to do with whether the individual is wearing or not wearing prescription glasses.

Myth 2: If you sit too close to the TV, it is bad for your eyes.

Fact: Using your eyes for any length of time does not make them weaker. One may get tired or even get a headache but these symptoms don’t mean that the eyes are getting weaker. Even sitting close to the television is not harmful to the eyes, especially since the modern TVs have stopped emitting harmful radiation. One must remember that eyes are just the receiver of lights. The actual analysis is done by the brain. When one gets tired or have a headache, it generally means that the brain is overworked and not the eyes.

Myth 3: Wearing contact lenses will prevent nearsightedness from getting worse.

Fact: No research has ever proved that wearing contact lenses will prevent eyes from getting worse. Of course it does the work of prescription glasses and has a cosmetic advantage but it cannot reduce the chances of presbyopia.

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