Myopia Can Be Prevented

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The quality of the myope’s life must not be very high, as they have do most of things by wearing a pair of glasses. Even with the help of contact lens nowadays, some trouble still can’t be avoided. No one wants himself to be myopic. Therefore, myopia prevention plays a more and more important role in the modern life. How to prevent myopia? Here, I will give you some advices.

1. Most myopia are caused by their bad habits such as reading when lying in bed, reading for too long time and watching at close distance. These bad habits must be paid attention to by everyone. The main point is not to make your eyes too tired. There are many things we should do to form good habits, such as reading with correct sitting posture, don’t stare at one thing for too long time, especially don’t stay in front of computer all the time. You’d better go out after one hour’s work and see far object, especially the greens. Sleeping is also of great help. You can completely relax your eyes after having adequate rests. So it is good to have a good habit and enjoy yourself.

2. Environment also influences your eyesight much. If you want to protect your eyes well, you must read under proper lighting, with right height of desks and chairs. Besides, whether the printing is clear or not also matters, letters which are too small are bad for eyes. Above all, you should choose a good environment to read.

3.The best sport for eyes is eye exercise. The main purpose is to make eyes relaxed adequately. The steps are simple, and we don’t introduce them specifically here.

4. Nutrition plays an important part on eye protecting. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are good for eyes, and people are suggested to take every day. The liver of animals, milk, egg yolk, green vegetables and carrots all contains a lot of Vitamin. Thus having balanced diets do help. Meanwhile, don’t eat too much candy and high-fat foods, because they may cause or promote the degree of myopia.

5. Finally, you’d better go to hospital to examine your eyes every three to six months. Once you find your sight is down, you can take measures to prevent myopia in time.

When you find yourself all the things seems faint, you should go to your doctor to check your eyes accurately and get a proper glass. Otherwise, your eyesight would degenerate. Furthermore, check up your eyes regularly to make sure the glasses suit your well.

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