Mu Alpha Theta Honor Cord Policy

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Honor Cords are awarded to the graduating students. There are many sections of this award, Mu Alpha Theta is one of them. The most popular color of honor cords are lavender and gold. But Alpha Theta honor cord may be different colors with respect to university taste. It may red, hunter green, light blue, bronze, orange, silver, maroon, white, purple, navy blue, off white, royal blue etc. The size of the cord is same as like other honors cords. This cord is also about sixty inches long. It consists of two separate cords tied together, but there is a knot at the middle of the cord. There is a tassel at the end of the cord. Each cord without tassel is nearly thirty inches long. The tassel is about four inches long.

The rule of attachment in Mu Alpha Theta is given below:

o The student must be register formerly or currently in pre calculus or AP calculus.

o He has to continue his GPA at least above 3.00 in all mathematics subjects which are taken by him in LCN.

o He has to attend all Theta meetings which are scheduled.

o He has to attend in all “pi week” all over time span of this course.

o He has to make connection with MAT at least two years.

o He has to make connection with MAT at least two years.

o He has to organize Math Help Days after school.

However Mu alpha theta Honor Cords are awarded to the graduating seniors, who have maintained this rule. To take part in Mu Alpha Theta the student have no need to take mathematics in their senior year at least they completed their junior year. If they be the member of MAT they are eligible for the honor. Otherwise they are not eligible for the honor. If the student who have dropped Pre-Calc after their first semester, he is not eligible Mu Alpha Theta honor cord.

Among all the policy there one of the most important policies is that a student is not qualified for an honor cords if any course during the succession were completed no credit basis or on a credit basis. However calculating GPA is the most important policy in Mu alpha theta Cords. During calculation of GPA no rounding is done. An example is that a student having a GPA below 3.00 is not qualified for honor cord.

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