Most Popular Glasses Brands in the Eyewear Industry

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Popular eyeglasses were first invented in 1284 in Italy by Salvino D’Armate. With the advent of 20th century, the Zeiss Punktal point-focus spherical lenses that are the most popular in the eyeglass market today, were developed by Moritz von Rohr at Zeiss. Glasses can be a dominant part of personality and expression. Masaharu Morimoto, a Japanese Celebrity chef, separates his “Iron Chef” stage personality from his professional image by wearing a distinct pair of glasses. While actor Jeff Goldblum is often seen in the Browline glasses style.

The father of the polarized lens is Edwin Land; he discovered the concept in 1929 and Polaroid Corporation was born in 1937. Since then Polaroid filters have been immensely used in sunglasses in addition to glare-free automobile headlights and stereoscopic (3-D) photography.

Due to its prominence in shaping personalities, designer glasses are on the rise. The market offers consumers several reputed and economical brands of designer eyewear. Selecting the right frame for your prescription glasses can be a daunting experience.

Depending on individual tastes, there exist many favourite brands. The top three brands are Italian-based companies, but a couple of well-known French companies are not far behind. Depending on the designer, material used and the quality of protection they offer, expect to pay $50 onwards.

Today people extensively invest in branded and designer eyeglasses. They have evolved from classic styled glasses without much personality, to extreme statements of fashion. So what do you look for when buying a pair of designer glasses?

Frame is the determining factor in selection of eyewear. These are either manufactured from plastic or stainless steel, and titanium. Plastic frames are the lightest, but not very durable. Stainless steel is durable, but heavier and cumbersome. However, Titanium combines the best of both worlds, but is expensive. You may pay a little extra for the designer eyewear, but the assurance of a high quality product that is both durable and fashionable is worth every dime.

A certain New York based company’s brand seems to scream “It’s not about clothes but about style!” This point of view is evident in all of this company’s designer glasses. Their eyewear is generally more fun, light and less pretentious and it dominates innovative styles, creative designs, sleek and sophisticated lines. You will never get bored of wearing these fashionable and functional frames everyday.

Lastly, a very well-known and respected European brand really knows what it means to define their brand. Chic and beautiful the eyewear line offers style and comfort. They know exactly how to accentuate a woman’s beauty with their svelte and gorgeous eyewear collection. The brand has not forgotten men; for stylish and masculine steeds the eyewear compliments the rugged features with a whiff of crisp air of refinement.

Purchasing online is fairly easy in comparison to visiting a local store. All you need to provide online are your vision details, upon selection of your designer eyeglasses. Your presence is not required to have them fit exactly. You merely need to provide prescription with pupil distance measurement. Lastly, bargain for free edge polishing and scratch protection for your purchase.

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