Mobigo Touch Learning System Review

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When you buy one Mobigo Touch Learning System, you would say that one unit is not enough because your sons &/or daughters, aged 3 to 8, find it the best starter for learning. It has comes in compact sizes and in beautiful color options. There is a screen or monitor for viewing numbers and shapes, alphabets and colors, and a slide-out keyboard where your kid gets to know the QWERTY at a young age even if they have not mastered the alphabet or the right way to type on the keyboard.

Touch on the screen and you learn there is a choice to select some installed games on this cute little computer. Besides you can download some games from other sources, including the Internet, through the USB cable that comes with the package.

Learning some math facts, playing music games, and manipulating objects like solving puzzles are some of the main features of the Mobigo cartridges that you are installed in the system.

You can have either a blue or pink color for your Mobigo Touch Learning System to choose from for your boy or girl. It takes only 4 AA batteries to run the computer and a jack for an AC adapter and a jack for headphones are also provided in the package.

Additional accessories can be purchased for the Mobigo Touch Learning System such as game case and game cartridges. Your children will surely love to have their favorite titles in this computer, like Toy Story 3, Disney Fairies, Ben 10, NASCAR, Shrek 4, Dora the Explorer, Super Hero Squad, Mr. Men, to mention a few.

Main benefits that you gain from owning the Mobigo Touch Learning System are the physical features, such as its size that can easily fit in a diaper purse or bag of Mommy so that she would not be bothered with sacrificing her favorite sunglasses to be left at home. And, like Daddy’s iPhone, it has a touch screen monitor. This has a slide out keyboard just like big brother’s cell phone.

The Mobigo Touch Learning System was not designed to pressure your child to study computer or become too technology-minded. Mind you what your child earns is to become aware and skillful in computer games that will help her to be conscious that it is really easy to obtain information and enjoy working for it. Have fun and learn the Mobigo way!

write by Phedra

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