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I decided to do a review on Matrix Eyewear sunglasses for people that are unsure about buying them or just want an experience of someone that has bought of the site. In this short review I will explain what Matrix Eyewear is and how good I thought the service/quality was.

Firstly I am a massive fan of the Matrix and as soon as I seen the Matrix Eyewear site I wanted to buy them. However I am skeptical of buying of the internet and didn’t buy the sunglasses straightaway it took me a few days to finally go for it.

Matrix Eyewear sell the sunglasses from the Matrix trilogy. obviously they aren’t the exact same ones that the actors wore in the film otherwise they would cost an absolute fortune. Matrix Eyewear have sunglasses from 6 characters from the films, morpheus, neo, trinity, seraph, the twins and agent smith. There are three sunglasses to choose from if you want neo’s, 1 for each film in the trilogy and the other characters glasses are from the Matrix reloded. They also have an exclusive version of the twins sunglasses which is one of the pairs that I ordered.

The website is easy to use, professional looking with the Matrix code in the top, and simple to use when I first ordered from it. You would kind of expect it to be easy to use because there are 8 products to choose from. From the home page you just select from the 6 characters sunglasses or if you want to buy all of them click the package set. The package set is the best value, it works out at $17 per sunglasses and because you are ordering two or more sunglasses Matrix Eyewear also give you another free pair of sunglasses; Neo’s from the Matrix reloded.

When I first ordered of Matrix Eyewear I ordered the Twins exclusive edition to the site and Morpehus’s for my brother. Matrix Eyewear will give you another pair of sunglasses free if you order two pairs which is why I ordered the two pairs. They where also doing free delivery and a free microfiber bag to protect them in when I ordered of them, I think they still might be doing that bonus.

Security is always an issue when i order of the internet so before I ordered of Matrix Eyewear I checked the site for security and any warranty. The site uses 256 bit SSL security and gives you a 365 day warranty with your sunglasses so I was happy to go ahead and order.

After placing my order on Matrix Eyewear the sunglasses arrived about 12 days later because I live in Northern Ireland so I was expecting that long a delivery but that was still quite long. As for the sunglasses I can actually tell you that they are fine and sturdy , definitely worth the money. They are just as protective as other sunglasses and I wear mine a lot when I’m driving.

The only problem I have with my order of Matrix Eyewear is the free bag, it isn’t really protective, its more so to keep the glasses clean. I went out and bought a hard case to protect them better. However I can’t really complain because it was free. You do however get a free hardcase if you order Morpheus’s sunglasses so my brother was happy when I gave him his.

I think that’s about it on Matrix Eyewear. I do actually regret not buying the complete package because that is the best value and I’ll probably end up buying them all anyway! overall I highly recommend the Matrix Eyewear site for anyone that is a fan of the Matrix. I hope this review on Matrix Eyewear has helped.There are also pics of my sunglasses in the link below if you want to check them out.

-overall value 9/10

-quality 9/10

-price 9/10

-delivery 8/10

-website 9/10

write by Imelda


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