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Maria Pinto is an award-winning fashion designer and obviously one of Michelle Obama’s designers of choice (no wonder the First Lady always looks so beautiful). Maria Pinto has popped into to share some of her expert advice with us. What pieces of clothing should we buy in a bad economy to make our clothing budget work best for us? What’s most important in dressing our body?

Gabrielle Reilly: What would be your five most recommended, well-thought-out pieces for a woman to choose at the moment?

Maria Pinto: Regardless of the proportion of a woman’s body, a properly fitted shift can flatter anyone. Shifts are offered in a multitude of variations, and within that you can find variations on a neckline or color that will only enhance your best features. In addition to that, I’d suggest a pair of tailored pants, an essential blazer, a beautiful shell in a luxurious fabric and a great over-anything wrap are key.

Gabrielle Reilly: Not all our readers are size 2 obviously and I notice you carry size 0 to 14. Could you give our readers any tips you use to help them dress more seamlessly?

Maria Pinto: My biggest piece of advice for women is to start early and build a great wardrobe and save up for well-made and well-tailored dresses that best accentuate your body type.

Gabrielle Reilly: What is this waistline height for the coming seasons?

Maria Pinto: Each of our pants comes in 3 styles so that customers can pick the most flattering for their body type. We have the Natalie, Marla, and Marte. The Natalie is highwaisted with a long slightly wide leg. This pant is great for my taller women or women who are trying to emphasize a smaller waist (and hide fuller hips!). Marla is our most popular, siting at the natural waist, with a fluid wide leg. The Marte is a slim leg, our version of a skinny pant, for some of our younger and petite clients.

Gabrielle Reilly: What is the short style for the warmer weather?

Maria Pinto: Everyone has a length in skirts and dresses that looks best on them, so my advice for this Spring and Summer is to pair crisp whites with bright bold tanks, blouses and button-downs. I always use color to boost my mood!

Gabrielle Reilly: What do we have to look forward to in Maria Pintos Fall Collection?

“Maria Pinto’s Fall 2009 collection pays homage to the influence of the Rococo movement throughout history. With smoky tones of caspian, shell and cassis, Pinto’s new tailored silhouettes flatter the female shape by creating a “control and release” construction. The collection features versatile separates for day, sensuous evening wear and plush outerwear made from sumptuous alpaca and embellished wool.”

write by Amee Wheeler


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