Manifest Your Dream Fast – Play the Improv Game

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Choose one thing that you want to manifest in your life because I am going to teach you how to Dream your Desire.

Take a moment; breathe deeply; get into your own space. We all manipulate time and space – but we do it unconsciously – I am now asking you to consciously manipulate your space – to get into a quiet, personal space and to think the thoughts you would be having in the place that you want to be.

Let’s say that you want $100,000 more income this year. How will your life be different? Who will you be when you have that extra $100,000? What will you FEEL – because it is never about the money; it is about what it represents; it is about how you think you will FEEL when you have the house, or more time with your family, or a special vacation, etc.

We are all looking for the same thing – we are looking to BE Happy; to FEEL Free. We are looking to Feel that we Are Enough. So, how do we do that? We Play.

I am going to teach you to play an Improv Game or you may choose to call it a Virtual Reality game, that replicates the FEELINGS you believe you will have when you get whatever it is that you want; a game that gets you into the inner space of Being, Doing and Having exactly what you want – Now.

For instance, if you created $100,000 more this year, what would you Feel like. How would you stand? Would you be breathing more deeply? Would you look people in the eye? HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE $100,000 right now? Practice having thoughts of enough money; practice having the Feelings of having all that extra money to spend, of having more than enough of everything in this moment.

If you want that money so you can spend more time with your family – how do you feel now that you have more time with them, now that you have created better, closer relationships to them? What thoughts are you are thinking in their company? What would you be doing with them? Are you laughing and happy? Are You having fun?

Focus on the thoughts, feelings and actions of being in the place of having achieved what you desire. Go from focusing on your present of “oh, my God, I don’t have enough money; I don’t have enough time to spend with my family; my kids are not getting enough of my attention; my spouse and I are not getting along”, from the thoughts and feelings of not enough, to Wow! It feels good to have the money to spend time with my kids, my husband, to do great things together. To have fun! To be happy.

Negative feelings are simply an alert; they are your Self saying, “I want something else, I want something better, I want something that will make me feel good; I want something that will make me feel happy; I want something that will make me feel valuable.

When you play the Improv Game, you practice thoughts that make you feel happy; thoughts that make you feel valuable; thoughts that make you feel free; thoughts free; thoughts that make you feel loved. You create a scenario around what you want that allows you to have those feelings. And you always focus on the end result. When you practice your virtual reality, you have already achieved what you desire. You practice the feelings of Being, Doing and Having exactly what you want. You Are that person; your energy is at that level. And, You Have FUN Practicing IT. This practice makes the process easy, quick and enjoyable – you Feel Good when you play the Improv Game – you Feel ready to take on the world. And, the better you feel, the more Fun you have with the process, the faster what you want manifests. And when you get what you want, and you share it with family and friends – everything and everyone around you expands and grows.

I was an actress and improv artist and I created the Improv Game because pretending that I already had what I wanted worked for me, it was fun and it allowed me to bypass my anger, fear and feelings of inadequacy. Through this process of playing “Being who I wanted to BE”, grace and abundance flowed into my life. When I started experimenting with this work, watching little children play got me to that Feel Good place fast. Kids, when they fall, don’t beat themselves up for falling – they get up and they try again and they fall, and they get up again, and again, and again until they have mastered the art of walking and running and whatever else they have set their minds to – they never say to themselves “bad, bad child, you fell, how stupid” – but adults do that all the time – somehow we have lost the joy of acquiring a new skill, of growing and expanding our being.

The Improv Game immediately plugs you into joy because it is a game – it’s fun and it’s silly and the result is immediate – you are where you want to be and you Feel it and you go, “OH my gosh, I feel that; that’s terrific; oh, wow! I love how this feels. YAHOO!

And suddenly, you realize, right here, right now – you are the best that you can be. You are standing in your Power – Now.

write by John Rogers

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