Male Breast Reduction to Escape the Boob Club for Men

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Lots of nasty things happen as we get older. We lose hair, what hair we have goes gray, we forget things, we experience trouble keeping certain parts of our bodies interested in certain activities… and even worse than all of these, we get man boobs.

It may sound like a playground joke, but men who have abnormally large breasts certainly wouldn’t be laughing. The truth is that many men suffer from Man Boob Syndrome (note: not a scientific term!) and lots of those men seek male breast reduction plastic surgery.

Gynecomastia – Not A Pretty Name

It’s not actually called Man Boob Syndrome, but something that doesn’t sound nearly as funny: gynecomastia. Gynecomastia refers to a condition where a man has some kind of growth in one or two of his breasts.

The term is Greek for “breasts like a woman,” but it is usually not that severe. Gynecomastia is, however, very common, affecting almost half of all men at some time in their lives. It has no major negative health effects, but in severe cases, it can be embarrassing.

No one knows what causes gynecomastia, although there are some known contributing factors. Chief among these is genetics.

The Early Onset Of Man Boobs – Boy Boobs

As we get older, we all put on a little weight here and there. It’s not what we want, but it’s not a major trauma. For most of us men, it means a “spare tire” or “beer gut” (even in those who don’t drink beer), but it can also be a little natural breast enhancement.

But, for kids, enlarged breasts can be embarrassing and traumatic. Usually, gynecomastia begins in adolescents, around the onset of puberty. It leads to jokes and teasing, social anxiety and eventually men who prefer to keep their shirts on when they are swimming.

Another problem that men can experience from gynecomastia is that one breast may develop excess tissue while the other doesn’t. This means that instead of having two equally large man breasts, you end up with one large and one small. This can be even more unsightly and socially embarrassing than having a balanced pair.

Breast Surgery For Men

Before you get plastic surgery for your gynecomastia, your doctor will examine your breasts. I know, it’s a little awkward, guys. But it’s the necessary first step.

What they’ll be looking for is possible causes for your woman-like breasts. They will analyze your chest to see how much of the excess is fat, flesh or glandular tissue. Depending on what they find there, they may recommend something other than male breast reduction. I hate to break this to you, but if it’s just fat deposited, you’ll have to go back to the gym.

Also, male breasts can be caused by medications, hormone-related diseases and there is a slight chance of it being male breast cancer. Abnormally large breasts can also be caused by the use of marijuana. No, it wasn’t just a story they told you in junior high health class to scare you.

The Male Breast Reduction Procedure

In almost all cases of male breast reduction plastic surgery, you will be in and out within one day. The doctor will simply remove the excess tissue, and you will sleep in your bed that night. In severe cases, you may be required to stay the night.

There will be follow-up appointments, and often the doctor will give you a pressure garment to wear so that it won’t swell. You may have to wear this under your shirt for a week or two, and sleep with it for longer.

Once your chest is fully healed, it’s time to hit the beach, walk around with your shirt off, hit the gym, and do all the things you always wanted to do when your life was ruled by your man boobs. But, I’m afraid that spare tire wrapped around your belly is going to take a little more work!

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