Make Your Man Go Crazy Over You! Sure Fire Tricks to Get Your Man to Chase You Around!

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Do you want to make your man go crazy over you? Do you want to make him fall completely in love with you? Do you want him to feel that you are the best woman on the planet? Do you want to make him feel truly fascinated by you? If so, read this whole article in its entirety. You are about to uncover the sure fire tricks to get your man to love you deeply and chase you around…

Ignore him. There’s a psychological rule which says “Humans pursue the things that retreat from them”. If you ignore him by flirting with other guys and pay him little attention, he is bound to chase you like crazy. That’s how it works. Those who experience a break up end up chasing their exes. And gamblers who lose money go after it once more. All humans are subject to follow this rule. I urge you to make use of this rule.

Be Challenging. If you are challenging, you are letting a man know that you are a woman of high value. If you really want to win your man’s heart, you’ll have to be challenging. It doesn’t matter if you want to have a short term relationship or long term relationship. You have to be challenging and play hard to get if you want to have a fulfilling experience.

Send mixed signals. Flirt with him and at the same time flirt with his other friends. This sends mixed signals and makes him wonder whether you are attracted to him or not. If you make him feel that way, he’s bound to feel possessive and he’ll do all that he can do to get you again. That’s another secret to make him go crazy over you.



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