Make Sure You’re Stocked Up With Sailing Accessories Before Setting Out

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Sailing accessories are a large part of what makes sailing such a fun experience. Without some of the most important sailing accessories, the experience is lost in hard work and little time to enjoy the view. Here are a few of the more popular sailing accessories based on popularity on the Internet.

The Harken Navigator sunglasses are one of the most popular buys in accessories, and for good reason. These glasses offer a polycarbonate lens with nylon Grilamid frames, that are resistant to sun blocks and they are hypo allergenic in nature. The polarized lenses block UVC, UVB and UVA rays, and absorb up to 99% of all reflected glare. The Borosilicate glass is distortion free, and the water resistant lens coating resists spotting and allows for easier cleaning due to being hydrophobic. The flash mirror coating on the glasses helps to reduce glare, and also clarity with the anti scratch coating. These glasses can be found for varying costs on multiple sites.

The ACR Survival radio VHF Multi Channel GMDSS is an ideal accessory to always have on hand. This radio covers all the maritime Simplex channels as well as weather, and has an auto selection of channel 16 when the unit is turned on. The radio floats so that it is easy to capture if lost, unlike many other radios. The touch pad operation for those with gloves on or unskilled hands allows for ease of use. The case is waterproof for up to 10 feet or 3.3 meters, and is bright yellow for easy visibility. The radio offers a coiled lanyard for wearing as well as a belt clip and adjustable wrist band. The antenna and power are tuned for the maximum range, and there is a reflective tip on the antenna if you should ever need one. There is a rechargeable battery with charger available for this unit, and it comes with a replaceable battery. This radio is seen to comply with the FCC, GMDSS and Solas/IMO. The battery offers up to 8 hours of multi channel use. This radio can be found for varying costs on many different sites.

The Tack Tick Micronet GPS antenna is ideal for anyone who ventures far away from home. This antenna can be used with the MN100 Micronet system, and adds position, course as well as speed over the ground to the system. The antenna wires to the T122 NMEA wireless interface and can be mounted inside or outside. There are a total of 12 parallel channels and is accurate to 15 meters or 50 feet RMS. The simple installation kit comes with the standard pole mount adapter that can be used on the rail, mast or deck. This antenna can be found on many sites for varying prices based on shipping and other factors.

There are many types of accessories that are made to make sailing a fun experience. Some of these include clothing, gloves, locator systems, GPS systems, fish finders, radios and many others. Whether you are professional or having fun, finding the right accessories will help you enjoy your time.

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