Longsigted/Shortsighted – Ever Wonder What These Terms Actually Mean?

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Longsighted (Hyperopic) people see well in the distance and can need help with near vision. This results from the light entering the eye through the pupil being focused behind the retina (film of the eye). Significant amounts of Hyperopia can result in symptoms resulting from doing close work such as tired eyes or head aches as they have trouble focusing, even though the vision may appear clear. Reading may be more difficult and school work can be affected. Therefore parents should have their children’s eyes tested regularly especially upon entering schooling.

People who are shortsighted (myopes) can not compensate for their defect by focusing.

What is myopia (Shortsightedness)? People with this condition can not see distant objects clearly. Approximately 15% of the population has myopia so therefore it is a common condition.

As the myopic eye tends to be longer than usual the light is focused in front of the retina (film of the eye). So the distant image is blurred.

Some tips for determining whether your child might be shortsighted signs include:

– screwing up eyes to see distance objects

– difficulty reading the blackboard

– poor posture while reading

There is no cure for myopia as yet, though glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery can improve peoples distance vision. Myopia can not be prevented but in some instances treatment can be provided to stop or slow its progress.

write by John Davis

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