Logo Sunglasses: How Well Do They Work As Promotional Items?

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A great promotional item is more of a theory than a definition. While some items, such as pens and coffee mugs, are tried and true, others are more responsive to advertising trends. For most companies, pens and coffee mugs are longtime staples of their product line up, a line up that needs refreshing as time goes on and other items grow in popularity. For many companies with traditional product lineups, one non-traditional item that continues to be well received is logo sunglasses.

Logo Sunglasses among Other Promotional Items

According to market research, glasses occupy the category of giveaways that generate the highest percentage of annual sales (30%) for the billion dollar promotional product industry: wearables, with writing instruments at nearly 10% percent being the next highest. While it might seem strange that companies spend so much on hats, shirts, and glasses as corporate giveaways, there’s good reason why they do: unlike other items, which could be put away and forgotten in car compartments, brief cases, and closets, wearables tend to be worn, causing the wearer to look again and again at the products’ information, usually a company’s name and logo.

Among wearables, sunglasses can be an especially effective choice, depending on their quality and who receives them. If your company needs a new giveaway item for daily visitors to its offices, or for customers that purchase a certain amount of products or services at points of sale, basic glasses that cost between $1 and $8 per unit are a sensible choice, while glasses of elite quality could be the sensible choice for impressing a potential client company’s decision makers.

Sunglasses as a Luxury Promotional Item

The theory behind giveaways is to spend as little as necessary to achieve the intended effect. But sometimes, achieving that effect, especially if it comes in the form of a lucrative business alliance, can justify items of an elite nature. On the positive side, designer glasses that cost hundreds of dollars more than their cheapest counterparts can show decision makers that your company is willing to give in order to get, a positive business principal. But it could also create the impression that you use its money frivolously.

As with other giveaways, the key to succeeding with luxury sunglasses, or basic glasses for that matter, is to know your client. While most companies wouldn’t be judgmental or directing luxurious products at company executives, it pays not to be presumptive about money matters in a challenged economy. To learn what type of giveaways would work best for your company in relation to its potential clients, contact a promotional products company for a free consultation today.

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