Living My Authentic Life Through the Mind Resonance Process

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Living an authentic life starts with heart centered consciousness. Heart Centered Consciousness is the door that leads to the Divine Holographic Energy Field. Without Heart Centered Consciousness one cannot access the portal to the vital energy needed for survival, peace and happiness. Complete awareness of the heart is the first step to embracing one’s authentic self. A monumental shift occurred in my life when I embraced my authentic self while applying a personal development tool known as the Mind Resonance Process®. The Mind Resonance Process® (MRP) was designed by Nick Arrizza M.D., a former medical doctor and psychiatrist. It is a powerful tool that helps build self esteem, self confidence, self worth, inner peace, and a focused and positive mind. It also promotes a sense of wellness, a passion for life, an awareness of one’s true sense of purpose – a personal sense of empowerment, joy and contentment for life, leadership capabilities, creative abilities, enhanced motivation and enthusiasm, emotional awareness and inner knowing – thus providing a connection to the Divine and an ability to remember and effortlessly express one’s true authentic self.

Being Fully Aware

Being fully aware comes from living a life emerged within the authentic self. The term “Authentic Self” is defined as embracing the essence of who a person truly is. In other words, accepting one’s self without judgment, without blame, without fault and being able to embrace one’s talents, beauty, and the authenticity of one’s inner and outer being. Through implementing the Mind Resonance Process®, I was able to regain my authentic self. I realized that my authentic self is a state of being, a state of knowing and a state of ultimate consciousness that is both powerful and gentle at the same time. When I’m living my authentic life I am feeling calm, centered, empowered, light, grounded, all-knowing, objective, peaceful and worry-free.

So how can living one’s Authentic Self accomplish all these wonderful attributes?

Realigning with the Authentic Self created awareness in my unconscious mind. It brought about a working connection between my conscious and unconscious mental states. Once I become aware of the natural rhythm of my heart on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – I knew that I was in harmonic resonance with the Divine Holographic Energy Field. I knew this because I felt good, and I felt comfortable and I felt peaceful. These feelings were much more than emotions I normally felt, they were feelings of stirring consciousness and a connection with the Divine as well as a sense of profound peace and well being.

The difference between core emotions and conditioned emotions is that conditioned emotions are brought on by emotional trauma and core emotions are innate to our Devine Self. Examples of conditioned emotions are: fear, envy, jealousy, resentment, skepticism, victimization, sadness, anger, guilt, disappointment, lack, worry and self-doubt. These emotions arise as protection devices based on false beliefs. On the other hand, core emotions are: love, joy, peace, happiness, contentment, relief, freedom, courage, abundance, fulfillment, self-worth, self-esteem and passion. Humans are born with these emotions. Dr. Arrizza says they are expressed as “a result of the Divine Self reclaiming its rightful place in our physical body”.

One specific way to tell the difference between a core emotion and a conditioned emotion is that core emotions make us feel light, peaceful, energetic, free, love, expansiveness and more enlightened, while conditioned emotions drain us, sap our energy, make us feel heavy, unprotected and lower our self-esteem and our self-worth. When I reclaimed my authentic self, I had feelings of joy, contentment, clarity, peace, empowerment, increased energy and most importantly the feeling of being alive!

So how does one go about reclaiming one’s Life Force Energy through their Authentic Self?

According to Dr. Arrizza, in order to reclaim one’s life force energy one must recognize what is progressively draining it in the first place. Vital force energy gets drained by negative or stressful memories that have accumulated and been stored in the mind and body at a conscious and unconscious level. Arrizza states that “memories that you assume and accept must remain there for the rest of your so-called life because of the belief that ‘the past cannot be changed'”.

Before MRP when I remembered any one of the many negative memories in my life, I automatically felt drained and depleted which affected my life force energy. What the Mind Resonance Process® provided was a means for regaining my powerful authentic self that I have rights to as a Divine Human Being.

What does MRP involve?

MRP involves a simple question and answer process that helps you become more consciously aware of and permanently erase deeply buried false beliefs that anchor other limiting negative thoughts, emotions, memories, perceptions and behaviors into one’s unconscious mind, body and energy field. According to its founder, Dr. Arrizza:

“Life Force Energy is essentially the energy that gives your mind and body life, the capacity to function, their optimal structural integrity and their form. It is also what is responsible for and imbued with many of the positive qualities many search for during their lives and often feel deficient in, i.e. self esteem, self confidence, self worth, inner peace, inner strength, resilience, energy, courage, a feeling of wellness, a focused and positive mind, the ability to discern, inner truth and knowing, a sense of purpose, passion for life, clarity, creative abilities, charisma, attractiveness, and so on. As one goes through their life they experience negative events that then become stored in the mind/body or energy field as memories of those events”.

These memories act as what Arrizza calls “Life Energy Parasites” that serve to deplete one’s Life Force Energy from their energy field. This leaves one feeling deficient of all of the necessary positive qualities their Life Force Energy affords them.

One issue I’ve been struggling with is the absence of financial abundance in my life. It was my experience that these “energy parasites” would not only encourage my feeling of lack of abundance, but would also haunt me in my dreams in the form of nightmares where I would wake up feeling depleted and scared. The feeling that I didn’t deserve abundance has been a common theme throughout my childhood and adult life. So what can one do about negative memories if one can’t change the past?

According to Dr. Arrizza, the past can in fact “be changed” or rather completely erased! This implies completely releasing these life force energy parasites which are essentially holographic viruses that reside within your life force field and deplete (i.e. feed) off of you!

I held the false belief that “I don’t deserve financial abundance in my life”. Whereas a true belief should make me feel the core emotions of love and affection, happiness and peace, secure and safe, and give me strong self-esteem and high self worth; instead, this false belief acted as the catalyst for the very experience I wish to avoid – a lack of financial abundance. The false belief of “I don’t deserve financial abundance in my life” is actually life depleting. It created conditioned emotions. In truth, this false belief made me feel small and defenseless, angry and tearful, disempowered and weak, crippling and shallow.

In order to avoid falling back into the same conditioned response when life poses financial challenges, I use an MRP algorithm to release this false belief from my bio-field. Tapping into my Devine Self, I make the following two statements:

1) It is my desire to purge the belief that “I do not deserve financial abundance” from my bio-field now and forever. This is so powerful that just thinking it makes my heart sing. Saying it aloud is even more powerful as it sends an edict into the universe. I also affirm that

2) It is my desire to purge all feelings of lack from my bio-field and from my body at every level – now and forever. Saying this statement aloud shifts my consciousness across all the dimensions of my being – throughout my body, my mind and my spirit.

These statements, by their very authority, evoke a command to the universe that I no longer wish to follow false beliefs, but instead wish to live a life of truth, honoring my authentic, Divine Self.

Is MRP a Spiritual Movement?

Prior to participating in the Mind Resonance Process®, Spiritual Enlightenment meant understanding the “mind of God”. For example – how God made the universe, how universal life force works in all of creation, how all of creation relates to itself. This was all very cerebral, locking me into an intellectual debate that kept me thinking about enlightenment instead of feeling what enlightenment really is. A monumental shift has occurred since applying the Mind Resonance Process® in that I went from intellectualizing how God’s creation works to feeling God’s creation at work. This was a huge shift for me. Feeling God-like is so peaceful, serene, comforting, loving (I love all people and all things). Living my authentic self feels so creative. I’m much more open-minded, expansive, objective, calm, worry-free, still, powerful, gentle, caring, compassionate, all-knowing, and grounded. Since spirituality is a personal experience, I would have to say that MRP is indeed a spiritual movement – on a personal level. There is no judgment in the process, no blaming, no accusations, only a remembering of what and who one really is. MRP is a form of enlightenment.


By participating in the Mind Resonance Process® l experienced changes in how I now know and experience myself in every aspect of my life. There were major changes in how I perceived the “uncontrollable” variables in my life. I am currently experiencing the affects of a deep economic recession and yet was able to find a good job, one I really like that provided benefits I had been paying for out of pocket for years. MRP gave me greater clarity and discernment through objectivity and greater feelings of awareness that emerged from my heart. I have also experienced greater peace, calmness, confidence, self esteem, self worth, resilience to stress in my life, as well as greater feelings of presence and aliveness. I also feel a greater sense of well being, greater passion for life, more energy, and an awakening of my true life’s purpose. I now have the ability to know my truth and live it courageously in the face of any criticism or judgment. This is because I’ve accepted myself without criticism or judgment, seeing my authentic self in the presence of the Divine Holographic Energy Field. Thank you Dr. Arrizza for this life changing experience.

write by Fidelia

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