Lasik Vision Eyecare and UV Ray Protection

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Another important benefit of having Lasik Vision surgery is the use of sunglasses. Anyone who has had eyeglasses for more than a day realizes the inconvenience of having to carry 2 sets of glasses if protection from the suns UV radiation is a consideration.

Laser Eye surgery can correct your vision to the point where eyeglasses aren’t needed any longer. This opens up the whole world of off the shelf sunglasses for personal use. With Lasik Vision, no more are you required to just select a second set of spectacles from the optometrist but can now go into any sunglass store and pick any of the latest sunglass fashion designs.

This is important because everyday no matter if it’s cloudy or sunny outside we are exposed to UV radiation. UV radiation is invisible so we don’t even realize that it is there. Just as these rays can damage the skin they can also damage the eye. The most common condition is photokeratitis, which is similar to a sunburn. Your eyes will hurt, be red, be sensitive to light and tear up a lot. These symptoms usually pass with no permanent damage to the eye. However, long and prolonged unprotected exposure can harm your eyes. This type of damage can raise your risk for cataracts, which is a clouding of the lens of your eye or damage your retina. Both of these conditions are serious to your eyes and often can’t be reversed.

UV radiation is the low frequency light waves that are produced by the sun. There are three forms of UV: UVA, UVB, and UVC. Our earth’s atmosphere filters UVC so it is not a real concern. UVB causes sunburns, cataracts and in the carcinogenic segment these rays can penetrate the thin cloud layers even in up to three feet of water. These are the rays of most concern
to us. UVA is the cause of sun related drug reactions. Adults and children alike are subjected to the effects of the UV radiation. Over time UV radiation can cause severe damage to the eyes.

Fortunately, this damage can be prevented by wearing sunglasses with at least 99% UV protection. If you wear prescription eye glasses, an optician can also use your prescription for sunglasses. Hence the problem with not having Lasik surgery to correct your vision.

To give us enough protection from the suns damaging rays we need sunglasses that absorb at least 99% of UV radiation. You can purchase sunglasses with UV protection just about anywhere as long as they aren’t a special prescription. If you need to

read or if you need your glasses all the time you can purchase prescription glasses with ample sun protection at a much higher cost. Once you have Lasik surgery this cost can be greatly decreased when you purchase sunglasses.Your lenses should be gray, green or brown and the larger the lenses the better. The wrap around lens provides even better protection. You can even get contact lenses that filter out UV rays. These should not replace sunglasses altogether but they do help screen out light that comes in around your sunglasses. Also available from your eye doctor are photocromic lenses which change color when exposed to light. These lenses offer a lot of protection on an everyday level. However not all of these lenses block out 100% of UV so it is important to discuss this option with your optometrist.

The benefit though is not having to carry 2 sets of glasses or deal with the daily contact lens cleaning and maintenance routine. Lasik Vision surgery, is a solid alternative with many benefits. Find out today what your options are concerning Lasik Vision surgery. Talk with your eyedoctor and they can recommend a good Lasic surgeon and discuss your options. Don’t be left out of the loop and start enjoying the benefits to having Lasik Laser Eye Surgery today. And you can say good bye to contact lenses and eyeglasses forever.

write by Mitchell Sandson

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