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Compared to normal fashion glasses, brand name eyeglasses appear to be much more popular than other types of eyewear. With a vast selection of branded names already available within the marketplace, this list seems to be growing year after year as yet more well-known brand names enter the eyewear market. For the online or offline shoppers and buyers, it simply means more choice as each brand of glasses tend to have their very own unique style or design. On first inspection, it appears that a good handful of the popular names may appear to have similar designs or themes about them. However on very close inspection, they do appear very much different but then again, there is only so much you can do with eyeglasses in terms of the design, features and so on.

Many of the eyeglasses makes are also equally popular with their price tags! Depending on the brand, the more up-market the make name, the more expensive the price tag will be. One could argue that you are really paying for the name on the eyewear product. Owning a pair of say for instance, John Lennon glasses or even a Fendi or Gucci (I could go on!) helps one to stand out from the crowd in some ways. It certainly would attract attention for many compared to say a hardly unknown brand name or even a department store’s own make. The popular brands most probably cost very little to produce in terms of labour and materials, but once again, it is the design and name upon where the value seems to be attached.

Various places exist where you could possibly view or order such types of glasses. The first that may come to mind is your nearest eyewear store or the vision section of a department store. Currently there is an increasing trend of eyewear (and other products such as contact lenses and eyeglass frames) being purchased online. You may question the disadvantage here as you are obviously unable to try them on instantly, compared to visiting a store. However, the overriding factor or advantage of buying online is the price tag.

Depending on which online stores you visit, one can easily save as much as 50% on some brand name glasses (authentic of course, no imitation nonsense). However, I think the more likely scenario is savings between 15%-40% as being more common. The larger sales tend to happen to a handful of brands only and only appear to last for a short time as well. On the other hand, the 15%-40% discounts seem to be on-going or last for most of the year.

Now, these online prices are for exactly the same pair that you will be able to get from a department store. Why the difference? To put it briefly, the online stores generally have a lot less overheads or operating expenses compared to the majority of offline businesses. Therefore, they can easily afford to give good discounts and so on.

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