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It’s a jeep thing; those of you who have an individual in your life who is a Jeep fanatic you’ve without doubt heard that line before. Gift giving can be frustrating for anyone. Purchasing a gift for a Jeep lover can be slightly more complex and costly. No matter what your budget might be you can buy a terrific gift for the Jeep buff in your life, while avoiding the purchase of a typical gift card.

Most Jeep part and accessory websites include a gift section with items similar to; grab handles, key chains and clothing with the “Jeep” logo. Common jeep gear can cost from $12 to $40 and would be a perfect gift from a child or from someone who is not familiar with the recipient needs.

For those who know the individual well and are aiming to spend a bit more, based on the Jeep model, you can find several Jeep kits available that cost from $75 to $100. Rugged Ridge features a roll bar trim kit (9 Piece Set $99.99) which includes an assortment of Jeep Wrangler handle accessories. The handles/holders strap onto the Jeeps Internal bars. Included in the set are; Grab handles, fire extinguisher holder, cup holder, flashlight holder and a sun glasses holder. Rugged Ridge in addition offers a more expensive 4 Piece Comfort Package ($167.99) that includes; sunglasses holder, rear seat organizer, dash organizer and arm rest pad.

Jeep seat covers as well as floor mats can be a fantastic present as well. Jeep seat covers and floor mats are great for somebody who often drive their wrangler topless. The covers can protect the seat and floor from damage that are usually caused by the sun and unexpected rainfall. Bestop offers good quality seat covers (based on the year of the vehicle) in various colors and materials. The price range for seat covers can run $130.00+. Husky Liners carry a large variety of heavy-duty, good quality rubber floor mats in different colors from $69 to $200+.

Let’s face it, if you know a Jeep owner who has a soft top or topless Wrangler, otherwise has a bad habit of leaving their door unlocked. Then you recognize that carrying valuable items in their jeep can be unsafe. Tuffy Security products have a large range of clever products to protect the jeep owners personal items and help provide them a peace of mind. Tuffy Security Products come with a lock and key, and are made difficult to break into. Items as in the universal under-hood lockbox ($113.00*) can be great to store objects such as flashlights and tools. Tuffy also has stereo cover and speaker security boxes that run from $99 to $125+.

Still uncertain what to buy your jeep lover as a gift? Need the gift in a hurry? Put together a basket filled with jeep accessories. Online resources and local auto stores have a ton of jeep steering wheels, seat and tire covers, as well as metal signs and decals that range from $14 to $30. Shopping for a Jeep fanatic shouldn’t be hard at all. Keep in mind, “It’s a jeep thing”. Those of you who know a Jeep addict should know that anything Jeep goes.

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