It is Illegal to Sell and Buy Contact Lenses Without a Prescription

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Can you buy contact lenses without a prescription? The answer is yes in this modern society. One is able to achieve this task on the Internet. However, the real question is that should you buy contacts without a prescription? The answer is absolutely no. Why? There are two main reasons:

On one hand, in many countries, like UK, the USA and Canada, etc., it is illegal to sell contact lenses to people who do not have evidence of a current lens prescription, because contact lenses are medical items. Therefore, this is why when you go to a local store to buy contacts without any prescription, the retailer will refuse to sell, and even you hand the retailer your prescription in the past, he or she will probably refuse as well, because in the UK, the USA and Canada, an up to date prescription is required to buy contact lenses even if you feel that your eyes have not changed.

On the other hand, buying contact lenses without a prescription, you have to take the risk of eye infections and eye problems. There is an ever increasing number of people who suffer severe, adverse reactions to the lenses discarded without any prescription result in serious eye infection and irritation.

In recently years, governments have made enforcement and regulation of this law and placed health warning on wearing non-prescribed contacts, but there are still some sellers and buyers engage in selling and buying non-prescribed contacts. Therefore, for the sake of your own eye health, it is the buyers’ responsibilities to stop this action, and never buy contacts without contact lenses, or you will encounter serious eye problems.

Moreover, once found going upon this illegal transaction, you will have to pay for it. In addition, you only have one pair of eyes, why do not you stick to the rules and protect your eyes?

write by Vera

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