Is the iPad an Acceptable Laptop Replacement? A Critical Review of the Apple iPad

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You see people carrying around and using an Apple iPad. Maybe you’ve stopped at a display in a store and played with one. It’s too small for a computer and it’s too big for a smart phone.

· Where does it fit?

· Will it replace your laptop?

· Where does it shine?

· Where does it fail?

Read on, researcher or curious peruser, and you will discover the important things you ought to know about the iPad.

The 10 Things That You Ought to Know about the iPad

1. The iPad is Brilliant for Photographs and Movies: Show off your family photos (just don’t invite me over for the 4 hour family photo session!) and your masterpieces on the iPad. Scroll through them with a flick or a flickr of your finger. How satisfying that is. Plus, when you get a iPad you need to get an inexpensive stand as well (a link is at the bottom of this site) so you can watch Netflix and downloaded movies. You next airplane ride won’t be the same; HD movies on your lap. Zone-Out!

2. The Speed of Zero-Wait-State. This almost computer is surprising. Applications fly open in a blink of an eye and browsing the Web on Safari is refreshingly fast. Don’t wait for the iPad…it’s waiting on you. The first reviewers commented on how fast the iPad would be and it is Randy Johnson fast. The processor handles everything on the menu very quickly.

3. iPad and Apps. The Apple iPad can take the apps that iPhone users love and are familiar with and then download them and run them very nicely. This is what the iPad does straight out of the box. But it may be really exciting for you to know that there will be a large selection of new apps built specifically for the iPad. It may turn out to be a rich experience for you. There also can be live videos, scores, highlights and more all on the screen at once. The possibilities seem endless.

4 Hmm, Great Maps! This part of the iPad is very impressive. When you search for a location or a friends home it will show the person’s location on the map. You can use your contacts page to drag and drop them into the map search, and the street view is most excellent. I can even see myself standing in front of my old home. Cool. The iPad has GPS and picks up your current location and shoots you in the right direction from there. There are satellite, terrain, road, and hybrid views. Since you will be taking your iPad with you wherever you go then that Maps feature will come in handy a lot, especially if you travel around a bunch.

5. Watch for high quality competitors. There are other internet capable pads that cost less and are quite nice. The HP Slate was announced in 2010 is expected to be hugely popular and a lower price than the iPad. Another example is the ICD Vega that will come out this year with a huge 15.6″ touch-screen and 32GB of internal storage. The last example of many is the Archos 9, it uses Windows 7 and has an 8.9″ touch screen capable of 1080p HD resolution and a 60GB hard drive. Yes, Techies, there will be some amazing competition!

6. The On-screen keyboard. This one is good and bad. I initial sampled the iPad in the store I struggled with the onscreen keyboard. But since my first encounter I have learned to that there is no kinetic feedback on my fingers, so I just let the other senses take over. Then the keyboard worked as you would expect it to as it is very responsive and I enter text quickly. It is still nothing like typing on a real keyboard, but iPad’s virtual QWERTY keypad isn’t as terrible as I, and others, had once feared. The automatic error correction handles the small mistakes pretty good. You can always invest in the Apple $79 iPad keyboard dock. That is more ordinary and more traditional.

7. Speakers Not for Audiophiles. In fact, they are no Bose or Harman/Kardon either. In my opinion they speakers sound tinny. Being a movie/media/MP3/music creation devise, the built-in speakers are disappointing. There are also docking speakers and transferring files, but we shouldn’t have to. Hey, Bose, now that’s a good idea!

8. It has a Glossy Front Oh, it looks so nice. gleaming and sparkly. Indoors it works great for nearly everything. Then, you step out into the sunlight. Then shine isn’t cool. Fingerprints come to life and where did the movie, book, picture or internet go? A matte glass option would be nice, or even a plastic cover. Have you ever seen the Kindle commercial where the lady with the expensive sunglasses makes the dude with an iPad look silly? Well, it’s true, but take that smart-alecky woman indoors, THEN that guy could school her on the features of his iPad.

9. For Kids, The Well Behaved Ones, Though. Is the iPad fragile as it seems? You could go to ToysRUs and find a thousand pads for kids, but this is the shiniest, coolest, and mom and dad play with it, and kids want it. Our teenagers seems to fly through it and catch on to the games and apps faster than I do. They love doing their homework on it (they are home-schooled and they want to use the iPad for all their work – except the typing their papers.

10. It’s an Email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Skype Computer when you don’t have a computer computer. Go ahead, go out to a meeting, a vacation in another city or country and you can keep in touch with office and family and friends easily with the iPad. Can you imagine what color your friends on Facebook would turn if you posted from Florence, Italy, or from St. Thomas, or from the Grand Canyon? Take notes and more. Keep in touch wherever you go, as long as you pay the monthly fee for data usage. If you are in danger of going over your 250mg or 2GB limit they will contact you and give you the options. If you aren’t online 24/7 then you should be okay with those limits.

Now you know the basics can you answer this question: Is the iPad right for you? You know that it is really not a functioning laptop. It really won’t replace your notebook, but it seems it is the missing link between your Droid and your notebook.

write by Allison Leigh Downey


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