Interchangeable Jewelry System Features to Consider Before Investing

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Finding the right interchangeable jewelry to invest in can be challenging, but most of all overwhelming. There are many different brands, styles and pricing not to mention they are made of many types of stones, glass and metals. The spectrum of interchangeable jewelry is found in department stores, boutiques and the internet. Which system to choose and invest in? That is the question.

When trying to decide on a jewelry system as a collection, there are 4 main features to think about: versatility, flexibility, quality and expectation.

In the mindset of today’s consumer, versatility plays a big part in any purchase. Look in the closet and consider how many outfits the system coordinates with. Can the jewelry system allow you to change the look of your jewelry from daytime office, to an evening out on the town? How much space does it consume in your drawer or suitcase when traveling?

Take into consideration the flexibility of the system. How many different pieces and styles does the system offer? Is it just one style of ring or bracelet or pendent that has an interchangeable part? Or, does the interchangeable part fit into the ring, bracelet and pendant? Look for the interchangeable parts to be the same size for all jewelry pieces. Does the system have the ability to expand into other articles like sunglasses and belts?

The quality of the jewelry pieces is important to consider because it also reflects the pricing. First, get to know the manufacturer. Find out what the base jewelry pieces are made of. Most of the jewelry pieces that are durable usually have some sort of base metal then are plated with nickel, sterling silver or gold. Second, find out what the interchangeable parts are made of and how they are inserted or attached. They could be made from plastic, different grades of glass, semi-precious & precious stones, or man-made.

And lastly, meeting your expectation is the key to keeping you happy long term as you add to your collection. Understanding how the system works and the ability to change out the parts should be easy. Keep in mind some interchangeable pieces are magnetized and cannot be worn by individuals with pace-makers or who are pregnant. Many of the interchangeable pieces on the market either snap, pop or flip in or out of the jewelry piece which can be difficult to maneuver because of arthritis, solar nails or impaired vision.

There truly can be a one-size-fits-all in an interchangeable jewelry system that is versatile, flexible, high quality and reasonably priced. For more information about the newest sterling silver interchangeable jewelry systems go to, it is the only one on the market today.

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