Instructions for Living Life the Easy Way

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It is said that we humans are so linear that we always need someone to give us steps or instructions before we move into action.

Well, that’s right.

We ARE human and we DO need step-by-step instructions to help us learn new things. Otherwise we flounder around wasting time and energy, making needless mistakes.

Those who have gone before, walking on the leading edge of life, have learned the hard way. They’ve made all the mistakes for you. Many of them have become mentors, coaches, and teachers. What they share is what they know… what they’ve learned the hard way. You can also do what they’ve done, only easier, faster, and more simply. All you have to do is heed the knowledge that they have to share.

For you disbelievers, go ahead and do it your way. After you’ve run into dead ends, circled back again to start over only to run into complicated detours and potholes the size of school buses, maybe eventually you’ll arrive at your goal. When you do, you’ll find others waiting for you. Those would be the people who used the knowledge and followed the instructions from the ones who have gone before them.

Or maybe not. These smartie-pants who heeded the wisdom shared by others who went before them may have gotten tired of waiting for you. In their excitement to move on to the next level of this Game we all chose to play here on Planet Earth, they’re very much excited to keep progressing. Especially when it’s so easy. They’ve learned that all they have to do is borrow the knowledge and wisdom of those who have pioneered the way for them to speed them on their journey.

Being one of those who chose to walk the leading edge and be in the forefront of this magical, mystical movement we call “Human Evolution”, I’ve learned how valuable it is to others that I leave instructions behind on my path. It keeps those who are following me from making ALL the mistakes that I and others like me have made.

Of course, making mistakes is part of learning. But there’s no reason why you have to make every single mistake that’s possible to make. Just a few will do nicely to help you remember the learning.

Here’s the #1 rule for simple, fast, and easy learning: Read the instructions.

Before you make one move, read the instructions. All of them. And before you step into action, re-read the first step in the instructions. When you’ve complete that step, read the next one before moving into action on it. Repeat until you’re complete with the process.

For those of you who are with me on the leading edge, before you jump into yet another brand new experience, take a few moments to create instructions for those who are following in your footsteps. Let them know which footsteps will assist them to gain the greatest value in their new knowledge. Warn them about those steps you found that slowed you down, blocked your progress, or even forced you to turn around and find another path.

Make it as simple as possible for those behind you to quickly catch up with your progress. Be linear and create simple, numbered instructions. In this way others whom you’ve helped catch up to you will find it easier to help those who are following them… much like you did.

Here’s one of my favorite methods for living life the easy way. It’ll help you make challenging life choices simple and effortless. It’s been gleaned from my years of experiences and tons of mistakes:

1. Make a list of every option you can think of. Even those that may not seem very attractive. Leave a few lines of space between each item.

2. When you’re complete with your list, close your eyes and envision yourself doing the first option.

3. Notice how you feel. Remember, feelings are physical sensations we call “emotions”. Anything else is a thought. Inserting “I feel like” in front of a thought does not make it an emotion. Pay particular attention to what you’re feeling in the areas of your stomach chest, shoulders, and neck. If you’re adept at sensing energy, notice how your energy shifts – or not – during this visual.

4. In the space you left below that option, note what you felt.

5. Repeat #2 through #4.

When you’re done with this exercise, you’ll know without a doubt which option is the best one for you to choose.

The reason this works so well is that it avoids using your mind. Your mind will lie to you and keep your head whirling withmaybes” and “what ifs”. Your body knows the truth and willingly shares it with you. All you have to do is ask your body a question and then recognize the answer.

This little method has worked amazingly well for me as well as everyone I’ve shared it with. Try it the next time you’re in a quandary and don’t know which direction to take.

write by Artemis


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