Ichiro Suzuki – An Icon

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Did you know that before Ichiro Suzuki came to the major leagues, many people thought that Asians could not compete as hitters at the major league level. Well, fast forward many years later, and Ichiro has completely changed this perception. He is known as a perfectionist, and he takes care of every single aspect of his game. He has also been known to store his bats in a humidifier to keep them at a certain temperature. Also, with his sunglasses and pre-swing pose, he is considered by many to be the king of cool in baseball.

He has also broken one of the longest standing records in baseball. He broke the record for the single season base hits by getting 262 hits. Also, he broke the record for the player with the most consecutive 200 hit seasons. Ichiro had tons of pressure on him when he came to the league because he was the very first Japanese everyday position player in MLB. He was named the rookie of the year and the MVP by leading the American League in batting average and also stolen bases.

Furthermore, he has been to over 9 all star teams and won the 2007 most valuable player award by getting three hits and also the first ever inside the park home run at an all star game. Many people wonder if he is going to try and break Pete Rose’s record for the most hits ever in major league baseball. I for one believe that he will break the record!

write by Gregory Binford


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