Hyderabad’s Rampant Sex Mafia

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People who frequent city from other states have a complaint about the Hyderabad city. They say, ‘The city is dry,’ because they could not find a red street in the city unlike places like Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, or Delhi where there are exclusive red streets available for those who want to fulfil their lusts.

Sex in Hyderabad during Past

Hyderabad was a city that offered adult entertainment during Nizam’s period. City’s rich and famous had exclusive areas for adult entertainment.

If we take the history of Hyderabad dancers’ hub Mehboob-ki-Mehendi, a hub of music and dance that had a colonial past of having brothels attracting the rich and famous. During the 1980s this place was known as an official red-light area till 1996 when the place was eventually evacuated. Since then Hyderabad was known as a ‘dry’ city where people have to choose many underground routes to satisfy their sexual cravings. This route is full of pitfalls, and often people end up losing miserably.

Well, it is official that there is no red street in Hyderabad. In the absence of red street, sex mafia flourishes. Women were brought by immoral traffickers. The victims are of course poor women, widows, and young women who wants to earn fast bucks. Prostitution is illegal. But men want to satiate their bodily impulses be it lawful for unlawful people, choose ways to fulfil their lust. Here comes the risk of try, err, or be successful partly or wholly. But in this process, many lose their valuable money, belongings or status. At this stage, it is for the general benefit of youngsters to have an elaborate report highlighting various cheating practices done in the name of personal services. Let us check one by one.

Existing Illegal Sex

a. The street flesh vendors

Although prostitution is illegal in the city, women take to the street out of compulsion. Here come two categories, those who want to feed them somehow and those who don’t want to work and earn fast bucks. In areas like Secunderabad, a few years before many can see young girls in this profession. They were the ones who were left by their parents in a railway station or the ones who escaped from homes due to some or other pressure. But this became a big issue police intervened, and the girls were taken to homes for counselling and rehabilitating. How was their activity?

Girls Alluring Customers

Behind them was a mafia where the girl must allure the customers. The gang includes jobless men, girls, and autorickshaw drivers. Attracted by the girls, one will call the girl. The girl will take the money in advance and go with the person in an autorickshaw. While they are on the way to a ‘lodge’, the girl tells the auto to stop near a medical shop, and the tells the customer to buy condoms. By the time, he leaves halfway; the autorickshaw disappears with the girl.

Don’t think that the cheated customer can go to the girl and ask for his money back. If one venture, goondas will come and dissuade the customer and he has to escape for his life. They will also act as moral police asking, ‘how dare you to come and attack a girl?’ The customer has to think that the laws are on the women’s side and the only option is to leave the place dejected.

b. Women Gangs

Leave the girls for now; let us see how women collude with gangs and cheat the customers. Places like Secunderabad railway station is such a place where a large crowd comes and goes during nights, and this is the time women decide to rake in some money quickly with the backup of gangs. They offer cheap sex to lure men easily. The hapless men go in autos to some unknown destination or ‘safe place’. The gang shadow the customer who is travelling in rikshaw. After some time, he will be surrounded by a gang of moral police to whom he loses money and valuables. The women have the last laugh, and they share the commission with the gangsters.

Among the street flesh vendors, there are two categories. Cheaters who don’t want to work. Others who come to this trade due to sheer compulsion like ‘unable to pay rents’ or ‘lack of food’ as their husbands are drunkards who don’t feed their wives properly. Well, those who come out of such compulsion cannot remain in this trade as the established mafia will harass them and force them to leave the place. Secondly, to be successful in this trade one should not have any conscience, and resort to cheating. Many newcomers will not be that much hard-hearted, and they will be cheated or abused and make an exit. But still, new ones try their luck for twice or thrice and disappear from the streets.

c. The Cheating Strategy

The street sex vendors be it women or girls have a strategy to cheat the gullible customer. They quote a lesser price and once that amount is paid, they ask for commission, imagine you pay that amount also, they ask for money for room rent stating they have a place. By the time a few sensible men realise that have shelled out over 4k and stop with that. They leave the place disappointed.

Those who take round in autos are the ones most likely to cheat. They take you and dump somewhere on the pretext of buying condoms. Sometimes they argue for higher price on one pretext or other and threaten you to sop the services. When you ask to return the money they will tell, “Money once given cannot be returned.” The autowallah also will join her to shoo you away. How is it?

c. Regular and Irregular Sex Workers

Then comes those who are regular in this business coming to the street. The girls who display them are under their fatty women protectors or a gang watching them close by. One can go to them by taking the risk of being harassed. If the customer appears hefty or looks like an army man, there are chances for him getting a girl from the gang as they also fear people who appear hefty or influential. Contrary, if the person is alone, young man, simpleton, or looks like a newcomer, then chances of being cheated is above 95%.

In many cases, some women are being jailed by the police. But circumstances force some to come back to this profession. The only way to get value for money is decent ones keep separate from the gang at a little distance and try their luck. With them, there are chances that one can buy sexual services.

d. Where They Frequent?

Some news channels published how these gangs cheat the public creating a big issue and may be due to that prostitute who regularly come to Secunderabad had to leave the profession. That does not mean that they stop their trade. They go to places like KPHB, Dilkushnagar, Panjagutta, or some other places cleverly hiding them from police.

These sex-workers have become a nuisance near railway station or bus stands as they pick up quarrels with men or among them that created public annoyance. That is one of the reasons police come down heavily on street sex vendors. Only experienced sex workers who lack conscience can withstand this pressure as soft-hearted ones leave the profession after being harassed twice or thrice.

What is The Modus Operandi of Cheaters?

If the sex worker takes you with one or two more women, then there are chances that you end up losing money as they dump you somewhere. A gang will follow them and ensure their protection.

Often, they tell the customer to buy condoms, the time they use to escape.

They will offer a safe place, and by the time you reach the area, you can encounter somebody coming to harass you. By the time the lady escapes with or without excusing herself.

Illegal Sex that is Happening

a. Some Avail Sex Services

Rampant cheating on one side, but there are also services at a premium. Although many are fleeced there are some who offer genuine services. They brag about their genuineness and come down heavily on those who ask money through Paytm and other e-wallets. They are also a gang who act smartly by offering services in flats. Sensible people may think how can they operate from apartments. Don’t flat community protest? Yes, they have a different strategy. They choose flats in prime locations that have a combination of commercials and residences. Some of flats in that building are rented for commercial purposes like IT services centre, small companies, shops also located along with residential apartments where families live.

In such premises, more people come especially strangers for their business or job purpose. In that compound, they will have one or two flats taken for prostitution. The owner may or may not be residing in the area. Once you reach the place, an agent will lead you to the double bedroom where the services are rendered. In places like Begumpet, SR Nagar, Langer House, Dilkushnagar, Banjara Hills, Hitech city, Gachibowli there are places where customers testified to have sex.

In one sense the city is dry, but at the same time, body shopping is rampant. This includes body shopping by models, student call girls through agents.

b. Sex in Hotels?

Many hotel management is scared of giving rooms to couples. In reception, couples will be asked “Are you, family?’ If you don’t have credentials, there is little chance to get rooms. We read in newspapers how some hotels are refusing to rooms to couples often. But at the same time, couples get rooms in big hotels. Even budget hotels also give rooms by taking the risk. This is to increase business.

The next option is regular customers passing references to their known ones and have sex in OYO rooms or hotel rooms (some hotels give rooms). A site known as stayuncle.in offers rooms to couples where no question will be asked to the couples.

Cheating Through Online

People who have reservations about the sex mafia have another route to get services. It is through Locanto’s personal services. This site is also accused of rampant cheating. Let us see how they cheat customers.

Women come from the state, Karnataka, and North India. Locanto will advertise the image and phone number of the woman service provider. Mostly you can find names like Sanjana Reddy, Kushy, etc., in Locanto displaying gorgeous women. Services offered will be in places like Bowenpally, Hitech city, Gachibowli, Begumpet, etc. Most of the content will be the same. Once you start chatting with the what’s up to number the sender will send photos and price quote for different services. You may feel you are dealing with a lady; often it may be so. Hold on.

a. Locanto Site’s Complicity with Sex Mafia

If the man acts as broker offering service, he will ask for an advance through Paytm or e-wallet. If you deposit the amount, there is no guarantee that you get back the advance money. Often there are chances that you end up losing money. Police state that if the person gives a complaint, they are willing to act. But many hardly complain after losing their money.

Cheating comes in the form of displaying a good-looking lady’s profile. Imagine that you paid the money to a broker and is waiting in a lodge or hotel room. The lady who visits you will be altogether another woman who may not look good. You feel cheated, and you use that woman. One person complained about how he ended up getting an ugly looking woman who passed him herpes. This man had to take treatment. Service seekers beware.

b. Tricks of Advertisers

Media gives a wrong perception that women are lustful. The fact is the women dislike sex unlike man and those who have more sexual cravings are mere exceptions. But they give fabulous ads to attract the deceive the people. We need to understand how they mislead the public.

1. Independent Girl Waiting

Some ladies are clever. In fact, they belong to a gang. The same gang knows if the male is the advertiser many will turn away as they are not interested in brokers. Therefore, they publish an ad claiming they are independent women offering direct service where brokers and middleman should excuse. It is the desire of man to avoid middlemen and go the pretty girl in the ad directly as the ad states ‘I am alone come to my room’.

When you text her, you will find a beautiful photo in the DP, and you trust her. You also get some pretty images. But some men are smart enough to ask, “Can I video call you to ensure that you are the same person?” At that time, they stop the sexting altogether which is a clear indicator that the person in the calling end was, in fact, a deceiver.

2. You Are Handed Over

The gullible man still believes the person on the other end a lady is offering direct services. She is telling you to come to a place for example, near a petrol bunk at Bapuji Nagar or near South Indian Mall in Gachibowli. You reach there and calling her. Now she is telling; she will send a boy to assist you to contact her. You wait for the boy. To your surprise, a mature man is calling you not a boy. He is taking you to a room where other men were sitting. If you are alone or appear innocent, chances are more on being cheated. You give the money; you don’t find the lady whom you texted. One man who had this experience told he ran away for his life when he met three men instead of the lady.

3. Asking Registration Fee

Locanto advertisers have another strategy too. They come in the form of student girls entering this route for funds to support their studies. You believe them and call them but no answer to your call. Some other ads mislead you stating that she is a working lady wanting money. Or, it can be a woman asking for satisfaction. You made calls but no answer.

The very next day you receive a call from a dating site where the caller identifies from Kolkata, Delhi, or Bengaluru telling she can offer girls or women in your location. But she will compel you to pay registration fees of ₹1000 after which she will give details of the lady. Most probably you will not get any services, and even if they offer services, you need to pay money in advance. Here also you are at the receiving end, fewer chances of getting services or getting money in return.

Why and How Locanto is a Pronounced Offender?

Locanto site aids and abets cheating gullible men. The fact that there is no forum for discussion to air your experience states beyond doubt that the site is a cheater’s site. Therefore, the question of should men trust this site emerges.

Why Should Public Come Against Sex Mafia?

Illegal flesh trade business is thriving in Hyderabad both online and offline. Ultimately, these gangs make money lead comfortable lives without paying taxes. Short term 3k (half hour) full term 12k, 15k, or 20k or more they charge. When other businesses are struggling to survive, paying taxes and GST, these people become richer by stealing the money of victims. As a result, homes go to poverty, children school fees are not paid, or families going to bankruptcy leading to social disasters.

They don’t pay taxes, don’t want to work and they cheat the working population and reduces their purchasing power denting our economy. Because of these stronger reasons, there is a need for massive public opinion build up and put these gangs behind bars with the support of citizen journalist, police, people, and the government who cares more about taxes.

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