How to Summon Angels and Spirits

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The Keys of Solomon.

In the old days they summoned angels and spirits via the keys of Solomon which were called sigils. You have to know that it is one thing to have a key, and another to find the door, and then another to know how to use it, and also have the wisdom to use it wisely.

It is in the Nature-of-all-things that you will not find the door until you are ready. It requires an inner growth, and an inner maturity, and an inner sincerity. You may even have to have initiation. You will have to have an understanding of the Underworld and an inner Poise, to deal with fears that may come at you, in any form they may take. The value is that once you have faced the fear, and overcome it or passed it by, it will never be such an issue for you again.

In speaking of the Keys of Solomon you are in the realms of the forbidden and taboo. There were laws and there was the Law, and these old laws still stand, but you as the re-discoverer in these worlds can re-evaluate, and renew, even revolutionise them. But it is a thin line. Here you are walking worlds.

But you have to have a guide or guides. You are not alone in this. There is great rewards on completion of the journeys. Listening to the guides and following their instructions is a must. They are the angels of Solomon. They are the angels of this system of inner growth. One step leads to the next step, and the goals are attained.

The Keys of Raphael.

These days a system of Magic exists originating from Archangel Raphael, high angel of Healing and of the Earth.. These keys are called angel signatures. There is a precise way in which they are used. It is no secret yet it is a secret. Nature is all around us. Nature is operating all around us. All we have to do is feel it. Feel the breeze within us. Feel the warmth by the ocean. Feel connected. Getting connected is the first step. Finding our own angel, becoming friends with our own angel, learning to trust our own angel, is the first step, the foundation that will take us on the journey throughout Life. No matter where we go, no matter where we may be led the angel will still be with us. It is a learning experience.

There are any different paths and we must learn to discriminate which will work for us, and which will work best for us. The protection and guidance of Raphael is available to us, as is the wisdom of Solomon. It is innate in our blood and genetic code. It is not something bought or given from the outside. It is in us and only we can do it, our way.

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About Magic.

Magic is not dark and spooky. That is unevolved stuff. Magic is light and uplifting. Nor can it be manufactured or pretended. It comes from within you from the joy of living.

About the Power of movement

even in the sea spray,

the dolphin’s jump

and the camel’s lope

I see you,


About signatures.

‘When the Great Light had movement, the pattern that was formed was an Archangel. This pattern is not just a pattern, it is the angel. The Love that went with it, is the Love the Archangel has for you.

What is a Signature?

Every light being has a signature. Your signature of your name uniquely identifies you. You have written it via the movement of your hand. It carries your vibration. One can get a feeling, of you, from your signature.

In the angel’s world, in the world of light beings, all is vibration. All is movement. All is dance. There is no substance here as such. Here, the signature of any being, has a vibration. In fact, this signature, this vibration is also that being. (This is where our mind has to stretch). The signature is with the light being, and the signature is the light being. In the same way, St John has said in the Bible, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The signature is with the Angel and the signature is the Angel. This is Old Science.

The signatures are in the form of drawings. These are channelled, via hand movements, from an Archangel, Raphael. In movement or dance, the signature can unfold the being. Or, by imaging the signature to move 3-dimensionally you can begin to get a feeling for accessing and seeing the angel in its movement of light.
Archangels are always in movement, in the dance of the Light. They are movement. They are vibration.

1 The ability to generate angel’s signatures is the author’s special angel gift. (There can be no copiers.) You have a unique gift given to you by your guardian angel. You must find and expand your special gift.

Why a Signature?

In the times before the Fall, before Life entered into the cycles of Birth and Death, and the Body of human appeared in its present form, there was only the Science of Light. The Science of Light has been forgotten, and in its place only remains the Science of Matter. In one, the principle was unity eg. God is the beginning, and in the other the principle is differentiation eg. the atom is the primary substance. But the World of Light has continued behind the scenes, as has the Science of Light. In the World of Light are the signatures of Light.
These signatures of Light are creating the Signs in our Life. These signs are meant to guide us. They are everywhere.
In the Old Days, in the Days of Alchemy the Doctrine of Signatures was an essential principle of Natural Science. Somewhere it has fallen by the wayside.

What are examples of angelic signatures?

The Alphabet.

Abcdefg Writing as we know it originated with the angelic signatures for the angels of the phonetic sounds. We can make a limited number of sounds. Each sound in its pure form carries a spirit, a feeling, angel-like. When that sound was ‘seen’ it originally looked like the picture of its letter. It was an angel signature. Here the sound and sight have arisen from the One source. For example , look at the letter o, and compare it to the sound that goes out as you say the letter. What does this sound look like?


This signature nature is even more obvious in the picture-like ideograms from the Chinese and Japanese language systems. For example the ideogram for Qi (translated as life-force) shows steam above cooking rice.

The Reiki symbol

Many of you have learned Reiki, which originated in Japan. The symbol that is used for the initiation into this healing method is a signature from the Angel of Reiki. That is how it works.


When the angel of living light imprints onto the living Earth, then the nature forms around it.
Look for the signatures in the landscape around you.

These signatures don’t look like anything to me. What validity do you have for them?
They may seem simple or naive, but remember, in the origin of alphabets, the Chinese was supposed to have been formed by studying the patterns of stars, marks on the back of a turtle and footprints in the sand. The Runes were formed when Odin fell out of the Great Tree of Life, from twigs that fell to the ground around him. Others say a more primordial language was formed in the angles of spiders’ webs.

In Africa the Sangoma or witchdoctor draws with a feather in the dust and the Navaho shaman uses sand patterns to form the healing signature.

What is the secret to all this?

To attract an angel you have to draw its signature. The signature is like a magnet to the angel. It will come hurrying to see why it is called. This is behind the secret.

What is a sound signature?

It is written there in the first verse in the Old Testament. The Word was with God and the word was God. The sound IS the thing and creates it at the same time. In the realm of consciousness this is a basic law. It does not follow mentally but it is so.

In practical terms with the signature of an angel before you, you change (channels) into auditory and produce the sound signature of that angel by toning or singing, which is a movement in voice. From this the song of the angel at that time may unfold. This was the origin of mantras though I would tend to regard mantras as ‘frozen’ angel songs. This not to deny the joy one may feel with them. ‘Hallelujah’ can be sung beautifully as the angelic voice comes into play and creates the harmonies and harmonic tones.

IN his book ‘Music and the Mind’ Anthony Storr cites the example of a female patient; “Frozen into immobility by [Parkinson’s] disease she would remain helplessly unable to move until she was able to recall tunes she had known in her youth. These would suddenly release her ability to move again.

write by Cruz Ortega

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