How to Stop Sleeping Problems While You Are Pregnant

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Getting adequate sleep can become a chore when you are pregnant. You have aches and pains from a growing belly, your body is abnormally warm, and your mind is racing about your future and so on. Sleep is very important for both and your baby so you need to find techniques that help you sleep through the night.

Some things you can do to help yourself get rest are:

  • Exercise- Get the approval from your doctor on the amount of exercise that is right for you and your baby but even a simple walk around the block after dinner can help you relax and wind down for the night. Do not walk to close to bedtime because it can also energize you.
  • Eat small meals for dinner or before bedtime. A large meal can upset your stomach and make it difficult to rest.
  • Relax- Listen to soothing music, read a book, take a warm (not hot) bath or ask your spouse to rub your back or not.
  • Make your room comfortable- Your body is abnormally warm with everything going on inside so you may need your room to feel colder than normal. Use more or less blankets or sheets to get comfortable.
  • Get fresh air- If your room feels stuffy to you, open a window to get some fresh air circulating in your room.
  • Urinating- Pregnant women have to get up frequently during the night to urinate so if that is the case stop drinking or limit your drinking after 6pm to help reduce the number of trips to the rest room at night.

These simple steps should help you get some adequate rest during pregnancy. If not, contact your doctor for more options.

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