How to Reduce Glare – Tips to Prevent Eye Strain Caused by Glare

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How to reduce glare is very important since glare can cause eye strain. If light levels are too low, muscles of the eyes can be strained. That is why it is very necessary to adjust the light levels so that glare can be avoided. Avoiding glare means to prevent the eyes from suffering eye strain.

What is glare? Glare is a common problem with lighting in offices. It makes it difficult to see the computer screen and strains the eyes. There are two kinds of glare including direct glare and indirect glare. Direct glare occurs when light shines directly into your eyes. Indirect glare occurs when light is reflected from a surface. A simple example of indirect glare is when light hits the monitor and reflects into your eyes.

How to determine the source of glare? Turn off your monitor and look at the blank screen. This will display any light sources which may be affecting your screen. Identifying the source of the glare will allow you to take necessary precautions (i.e. dim overhead light or install window blinds).

How can I reduce glare? Here are some tips to eliminate glare:

1. Position your monitor perpendicular to the windows and between overhead light panels.

2. Use curtains and blinds to control the amount of natural light.

3. Eliminate the light sources that shine directly into your eyes.

4. Eliminate the light sources that reflect into your eyes.

5. Consider the use of LCD (flat panel) monitors.

6. Dim overhead lights.

7. Angel the monitor away from the light.

8. Place filters or fixtures on overhead lights.

9. Tint windows.

10. Cover the monitor with an anti-glare screen.

11. Use polarized glass to prevent glare.

For most people, glare is considered as a common problem. However, if glare occurs in a long time, it can cause eye strain. The bad thing about eye strain is that it can lead to vision problems.

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