How to Protect and Care for Your Sunglasses

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Sunglasses serve one major purpose and that is to shield and protect your eyes from the detrimental impact of prolonged exposure to UV (ultraviolet) radiation. Despite this, most people do not put much thought into properly caring for their sunglasses. Whether designer or prescription, in order for them to last longer and look good, they must be properly maintained. Expensive or inexpensive, you need to protect your investment. The most common examples of sunglasses damage include scratches to the lenses, breakage, heat damage, and loose or lost screws.

First and foremost, you will want to keep your shades clean. Wash lenses with a mild soap and dry them using a microfiber cloth. Do not rub your lenses with regular rags or paper towels, as some of these fabrics contain abrasive material. Also, try not to press too hard on the lenses or the frame when cleaning your sunglasses as this could cause the hinges of the frame to bend and could also do damage to the lenses themselves. Additionally, be sure to keep the nose pad and frames clean, because these areas tend to collect a lot of dirt and dust, as well as oil from your skin. Also rinse and clean any perspiration from your sunglasses regularly. Sweat and oil can damage the finishes of the frame and the coatings on the lenses.

Another good idea is to keep your sunglasses stored in a hard case when you are not wearing them. Many people use soft cases to store their glasses; however, they can still break or be stepped on if dropped. A hard case will keep your sunglasses protected whether they are on your desk, in your car, or anywhere in between.

Also, avoid leaving your sunglasses in your car during periods of extremely high temperatures, as this could cause them to become warped or even melt. Another tip is to take your glasses off if you are spraying hairspray as this can damage the coating of the lenses. Also make sure to check the screws in your sunglasses regularly to ensure they are not loose or missing. You could also purchase a small repair kit for glasses, as these kits contain the correct size screwdriver as well as some extra screws.

When taking your sunglasses off, never remove them with just one hand holding one of the frames. Carefully use both hands to remove your sunglasses with one frame in each hand. This helps keep the hinges from getting loose, which will cause your sunglasses to become lopsided. Also, when setting your sunglasses down on any surface, always set them down on their frames to avoid scratching the lenses. Also, try to remember to keep your sunglasses resting on your nose and not on the top of your head. Placing them on top of your head can cause the frames to become uneven.

The bottom line is that by properly caring for and protecting your sunglasses, you will ensure that they will continuously look as good as they did when you first purchased them, and will last you for years to come.

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