How to Find Meaning in a Tribal Cross Tattoo

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The tribal cross tattoo provides many variations of the cross design. In the west the cross immediately conjures up thoughts of religion. However, there are many other reasons for the development of the tribal cross as a symbol.

The tattoo can be either intricate or simple. Very often there are those who don’t want tattoo designs that are complex. A simple cross is exactly the look they want. Men do usually have these inked on their bodies in a single color like black or deep blue and it has been noted that more and more women are turning to these tattoo designs. In order to present this tattoo as more feminine they are incorporating more color and also keeping the design small.

Additionally this tattoo need not have any relation to religion whatsoever. It must be remembered that even though the cross is a symbol adopted by Christianity it was in existence thousands of years prior to that religion. You will find this symbol has meaning in almost every culture that exists and as a design for tattoo is popular.

Even though each culture has its own tribal cross tattoo or design they all have two lines that intersect. The four points of the cross have different meanings in different parts of the world. They could mean North, South, East and West or they could mean earth, wind, fire and water.

The tattoo could have a circle on it or it could have a loop at the top to symbolize the female gender. There is also the Maltese cross that means bravery. These crosses were also used during the times of the Crusaders. Some of the crusading knights were burned alive when attacked with fire bombs. Their comrades used their own bodies to smother the flames in an attempt to save them. This led to the Maltese cross becoming the symbol of firemen. Many firemen around the world have the Maltese cross tattoo.

The most famous tribal cross tattoo is perhaps the Celtic cross tattoo. There is one for the Welsh, one for the Irish and one for the Scottish. They are all versions of the same cross. It is thought the Celtic cross is a symbol of the moon goddess. The Irish adopted it from the Druids. The Druid’s cross is made up of a circle with a cross through it.

The tattoo can be worn by anyone. You don’t have to actually be Celtic. The Celtic cross is for both men and women. In recent times, women have been adapting even this cross to make it more feminine.

This is a tattoo that can be made to suit the person who is wearing it. It does help to speak to a tattooist. In this way, you will hear first hand exactly what you can and can’t do regarding the tribal cross tattoo of your choice.

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