How to Be Clever Minded

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Have you ever been at a party and noticed there is always one person with all the quick come backs to all the jokes being made? People really enjoy this person because they bring a lot of fun to any situation. Clever mindedness is good when meeting new people but it’s also a good way to deal with embarrassing situations. A person can not become clever overnight it is something that takes some time and talent to develop. While there are some who are naturally clever most of us are not.

The first step to becoming clever is to relax and be yourself. Try to become comfortable with yourself. The next step is to watch some of your clever friends in action. Listen to what they say and when they say it. Also watch people who you think are clever on TV. Stand up comedians are a great source of clever people. Listen to people like George Carlin, Carlos Mencia and Ron White. These are all very clever people who have mastered this skill.

This last step is perhaps the most important. Get out there and Practice. Talk to everyone you come across and get in the art of making conversation with people. When you become comfortable with the conversation part and being yourself you will notice clever things coming to mind. Do not be afraid to throw it out there. Just let it flow and in very little time you will be naturally clever minded and the center of attention at the party.

write by Alvin Lenahan

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