How to Accessorize and Style This Summer – Guide For Men’s Jewelry

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Summer becomes the best time to enjoy the beach and any outdoor activity for long weekends. You could stop thinking about work for a while and enjoy the breeze of air under the shiny hot weather. The ways you dress and accessorize are also important not only to provide the comfort yet the sense of fashion in every man. Usually, men are comfortable enough to put on their sunglasses during the day while wearing a white T-shirt and shorts.

Some men would like to add his masculinity and look cute at the same time by wearing a necklace, bracelet or ring. As long as the accessories do not look heavy on your body, you are safe. Many trends in men’s necklace are focused on the handmade beaded jewelry, sterling silver pendant or chain along with many shapes and symbols. For beaded fashion jewelry, men should accessorize the beads in one color or a natural wood color tied with a piece of leather string. Also, a black color of onyx stone for a pendant would accentuate your neck when wearing it with the sterling silver men’s Franco chain.

To implement a stylish and a cutting edge look like a celebrity style, men’s dog tag pendant studded with diamond is worth to buy. Whether you like gold, silver and platinum chains display more classic and contemporary style to your outfit compared to the string or beaded necklace. Make sure you choose only the real metal chain so that it doesn’t look luster and tacky.

Moving to the other parts of the body that is wrist, men could buy a piece of bracelet or bangle other than a casual watch. There are kinds of link associated with the bracelets, to name a few are a Greek key, squared link, Venetian link, and a chain link. Most stylish bracelets are made of real metals such as gold (white or yellow), 0.925 sterling silver and platinum. If you like a woven bracelet, beaded or leather strapped bracelet you could also wear them only for informal basis such as at the beach or biking.

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