How Do I Go About Asking a Guy Out Without Having to Face Rejection? 7 Ways to Get It Right

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Not all women have the tendency of being outgoing or forward when they approach engaging in a relationship with a man. This, however, doesn’t mean that you are any less of a woman if you are shy, it just means that you may need some additional tips on how to ask out the guy you have your eye on.

Use The Intel

Chances are, if there is a guy in your life that has had your attention for quite some time, you have learned quite a bit of things about him. Make sure that you are fully aware of his interests and his likes/dislikes when you finally decide to ask him out.

Introduce Yourself Properly

It is imperative that you make yourself memorable when you first introduce yourself. Try to make this happen at a location free of a lot of distractions and excessive noise. If you can, allow it to happen in a public location that allows a lot of speaking so you can get to know each other, but also a place that gives you the option of engaging in external activities so the situation does not become awkward.

Never Underestimate Small-Talk

Breaking the ice is very important and a very delicate process when trying to approach a man. You do not want to just waltz up to him and profess your undying love, you need to make sure you are just starting with innocent conversations that allow you to ease into his life.

Tread Lightly, Flirt Moderately

It is never a good idea to be entirely forward with a man when you are first talking to him. Try to get him to flirt with you a little bit, but also play hard to get so he has to do a little bit of work in order to chase you.

Focus Your Conversations On Him

Since men are, well, men, they enjoy flexing and bragging about their accomplishments. If you are able to get the conversations discussing “how awesome” he is, then he will start to get a big head while subconsciously building a strong attraction to you.

Use Words

Not being able to speak because you are giggling out of control is very attractive, if you are 13. In the real world, men do not want to think that they are dating a high school freshman, they need to know that they are dating a woman with composure, and one who is able to express herself properly in conversation.

Never Disclose The Age

Telling a guy that you have had a crush on him for years is very off-putting. If you tell him this information, he will think you are creepy and desperate, and it will drive him away.

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