How Breastfeeding Clothes Can Help a New Mum Feel Stylish

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Imagine for 9 months seeing your body change and expand with no control over it and all you can do is sit back and watch, and then imagine going through labour where all your dignity goes out the window. It doesn’t end there, as the months after sees a woman trying to get her body back whilst sharing it with her child who she is breastfeeding. Anyone would yearn for a feeling being stylish and refreshed.

Pregnancy and giving birth are amazing and the outcome is truly wonderful which no words can describe, but all of this does take its toll on the mum and given that for 9 months she couldn’t wear what she normally did, psychologically she is wanting to get back to some form of normality.

Breastfeeding is a easy concept, but when doing it in public it can be uncomfortable for a new mum. Breastfeeding shouldn’t be about wearing frumpy clothes which hide your shape and is something you just put up with, but it should be joyous and any woman should feel good about what she is wearing which gives her comfort and discretion when feeding, but adds that style which shouts she is a yummy mummy. Still too many women wear old t-shirts or husbands button down tops which expose their stomachs and backs.

Its so easy to look good when breastfeeding, the market has on show a number of breastfeeding clothing designs which makes it easy for new mums. Some of the nursing tops don’t even look like they were designed for nursing, and may items of nursing clothing are often worn after as normal clothes. So what’s on offer?

Breastfeeding tops: these are great as they can be worn casual or for formal occasions whatever makes you feel comfortable. The materials vary and most are lightweight to let you breathe as when breastfeeding your body temperature is slightly raised. The nursing tops offer a number of different openings and you can choose the one that best suits you. The crossover is the one which is most popular as is the layered top as it does cover everything.

Breastfeeding dresses: Breastfeeding dresses are fast becoming essentials in the wardrobe of many mums, this is because these nursing dresses can be worn for any occasion and it allows the woman to enjoy christenings, weddings or any occasion whilst dressed up. Breastfeeding dresses are a worthwhile investment and ensures that you have something to wear even at short notice.

Breastfeeding clothes are ideal for mums who are nursing and it provides them with comfort and discretion they need with the style they deserve.

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