Hockey Tips For Goal Scoring

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When you are in the big game, you know that all your hockey skills are important. Your skating speed, endurance and your ability to deke opponents as well as your upper body strength to control the puck are all a big part of the game. But it’s the ability to score hockey goals that takes the cake and wins the hockey game in the end.

Most players agree that when a hockey player scores a game changing, or more importantly, a game winning goal it creates a moment that lasts a lifetime. Practicing your hockey shooting drills will improve your hockey shooting technique which is a great way to score more goals.

The more you practice your hockey shot, the better you will be shooting the puck. It doesn’t matter whether your goals are pretty wrist shots or quick back hands that hit the spot. It is more important that when you see a shooting opportunity, you take the shot. A shot on net is never bad because even when your attempts don’t end up in the back of the net you create an opportunity for your teammates to pick up a potential rebound and score a goal.

Hockey shooting mats are an excellent surface for practicing your hockey shooting drills. The slick surface of the pad allows pucks to glide smoothly across the top to mimic the feel of practicing on ice. The hockey shooting mats come in two sizes and the largest is included in the Hockey Professional Passing Kit, a combination of this largest stickhandling and shooting surface and the hockey passing trainer also known as the One Time Passer. It’s one of the best ways to improve your goal scoring skills when you don’t have a partner or teammate to work with all the time.

The Hockey Professional Passing Kit is the most effective tool for working on your hockey stickhandling, passing, shooting and goal scoring skills that are keys to being a goal scoring hero for your team. At an incredible 48″ x 96″ size, the Hockey Shooting Board offers enough room to simulate game situation passing opportunities. Attaching the Hockey Passing Trainer to the end of the plastic surface will take your go al scoring skills to a new level. And it is a great tool to practice hockey shooting drills because you can use it anywhere you have enough room to roll it out, and practice your hockey one timers.

The reflex band across the front of the hockey passing trainer will bounce your puck back to you so you can work on your hand-eye coordination, the elements of the hockey professional passing kit will turn your hockey shooting drills into a hockey shot that will lead to more goals.

If you practice aiming your hockey shot at different spots in the net, you will improve your ability to score more hockey goals by keeping the goalie off- balance because he won’t know where to expect it. Just when you have the goalie sure that your shot requires a great glove save, send him a hard, low shot into the bottom corner and he won’t get into the butterfly quick enough to stop it. (Teaching Point: Best shot in hockey is a low, forehand side wrist shot.)

Repetition is key to scoring the big game winning goal, the more you hit your target in practice the more likely you will be to hit your target in a game. Improve your aim by practicing shooting at targets with speed and from different angles. Snipers Choice Targets are easy to use and can take a beating. Secure the targets to the crossbar of your goalie net with the heavy duty nylon straps and the high density poly-ethylene will take a beating and swing back into position to be ready for your next hockey shot. Again these can be used for both on and off ice hockey shooting drills.

When you are working on improving your hockey goal scoring skills, remember, hockey is a team sport. While a great wrist shot or a quick slapshot that adds to the scoreboard will make you a superstar, it is more important that you are always paying attention to the game as it evolves. Remember, as you work on your hockey shooting drills that if you are always aware of your surroundings on the ice shee you’ll find yourself in position to score more goals and make more impact plays during the game. You will always know where your teammates are, where the puck is traveling to, and make the smart decisions that will lead to more hockey goals.

There are many ways to turn your hockey shooting drills into hockey shooting skills and to improve your knowledge of scoring big hockey goals. The best place to find the hockey training tools is at, the hockey training aids professionals.

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