Health Safety When Planning Your Next Vacation

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There are many ways for you to stay healthy during your trip and just enjoy your free time without having to worry about your health. Here we have gathered some important things to consider prior to leaving for vacations:

1. Make an appointment with your doctor to make sure all your vaccinations are up to date and that of course you are in optimum health conditions for traveling. (This point is specially important when traveling overseas and going to hot weather cities)

2. If you are dependent on a certain medication, make sure you have sufficient supply of the same for the duration of your trip.

3. Always, try your best to wear comfy, loose garments and comfortable shoes so that at all times you are rested and can enjoy the day.

4. When eating try to have light food, and drink lots of water (fluids) so you do not get an upset stomach.

5. If you are traveling by ground do your best to make pit stops at least every 2 to 2 1/2 hours to walk a little and stretch your muscles. If you are traveling by air, you can stand up and stretch a little as well. Believe me; you will feel so much better.

6. This is super important for both men and women. Try your best to wear sunglasses and sun block, SPF 15 or higher at all times. The sun now a days has very strong rays and we have to protect our skin. Apply frequently if possible.

7. If you have kids and even for you; use insect repellent containing DEET (30% – 50%) especially when outside at night. You will be surprised what a difference it will make if you don’t use it; mosquitoes are a tough cookie.

8. Sanitize and clean: Keep a supply of antibacterial hand wipes or alcohol-based sanitizer handy to cleanse your hands when soap and clean water are not easily available.

9. Keep your feet clean and dry, and do not go barefoot. You do not know who or what has touch the grounds that you may be stepping on.

10. If for some reason you happen to become ill is very important that you seek immediate attention for minor health problems as they occur, including fevers.

Traveling is truly a fund time to relax and share time with you loved ones and family. Therefore be sure to follow these important tips to have a great time and not have to worry about unexpected situations.

write by Rickard Greene

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