Halloween Costume Safety – Staying Safe This Halloween

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Halloween costume safety is an issue parents and responsible grownups need to keep in mind when planning festivities for the little ones. Safety is not the most glamorous topic, but a little attention here can prevent a lot of problems.

If you or your child is dressing up in a costume for Halloween, then its fit and design can either aid you or hamper your efforts to be safe.

Some pitfalls include:
o Too long – A costume that is too long makes it easy for its wearer to trip. Trips and falls, especially when outdoors trick-or-treating, are the leading cause of injuries according to the National Safety Council.

o Visibility – Can the costume be easily seen on dark streets? Many costumes are made with dark colors as befitting the creepy-crawly, scary nature of the holiday’s characters. This is fine if you are going to a house party. But if going out to trick-or-treat is on your schedule of activities, then attach some reflecting tape so you are visible to motorists.

o Can you see? Many masks or head coverings can obscure vision. This is especially true for Halloween costumes for younger children that may be ill-fitting. Before going out with your little one to dark streets, check the mask’s fit and be sure your child’s peripheral vision is not obstructed.

o Make up and face paint – The obvious solution to ill-fitting Halloween masks is face decoration with make up or face paint. Because you are using substances that lay on the skin, be sure they are non-toxic and designed to be used on the skin.

Good sanitation is a must. Be sure all brushes and applicators are clean. Better yet, use disposables.

o Costumes should be made of flame retardant materials. Enough said.

o Fit – Halloween costumes should neither be too large nor too small. You do want room to layer warm clothing underneath if it will be worn for trick-or-treating, but not so large that it becomes clumsy. And you do not want anything tight or constricting that prevents the wearer from moving easily.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you design a Halloween costume that will be safe as well as fun.

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