Guys, How to Pick Up Loads of Hot Girls With the Right Online Dating Profile Picture

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So you want to know how to pick up loads of hot girls with the right online dating profile picture?

I can understand your frustration – in fact, my online profile picture used to suck.

I thought I looked good – but my pic wasn’t good enough to want to make really attractive girls want to send me messages – except for a few average-looking ones.

But I wanted to meet hot, sexy and fun girls! So I had to figure out what to do in a hurry.

I have a secret for you… and it’s this:

I discovered what kind of a profile picture started getting loads of messages in my box from hot and sexy girls and so can you!

And get this – all you guys can be just as successful in attracting the kind of girls you want with the right profile picture – and you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt! In fact, you can look kinda dumpy and still attract hot girls.

So this is good news for you and I – especially since we want to know how to turn your online profile picture into a personal and automated chick magnet for you.

We can do this using some little-known secret tweaks and turn these secrets to our advantage.

I want you to think about this – your online profile is actually a mini sales brochure. And what do all great sales brochures have? – eye-catching pictures! So your profile must have an attractive, eye-catching, main picture of yourself.

If you screw up this part of your profile, you’ll practically force girls to click “Next.”

Here’s 5 profile picture tweaks to start using right away!

Now, I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you know to use a picture that has good lighting, is in focus and doesn’t have a stupid expression or scowl on your face… right?

So I’m going to give you more detailed and subtle tips to look more attractive in your picture.

Tweak #1: Use A Picture Of Yourself Doing Something Fun

Guys typically have a weird head shot or they are standing, posing for the camera. Nix that.

Girls want to see that you are a fun, easy-going guy and are passionate about life. Instead of telling girls that you have these qualities, show it – in your profile picture by capturing yourself doing something fun.

You can snap a picture while you’re at a party or club or sports event or other type of outing… or while enjoying a fun hobby that is visual interesting.

You will more likely be smiling (smiling makes you more attractive) and be looking more natural and confident (confidence is very sexy to girls).

Tweak #2. Choose Clothes That Look Good On You

The first thing I gotta get out of the way is to tell you DO NOT take a picture with YOUR SHIRT OFF! – trying to show off your buff body (unless you are at the beach or swimming – a natural setting). Dating sites are loaded with these types of pictures.

Girls think guys are conceited when they use these topless pics. Don’t do it unless you want girls to click “Next.”

There’s time to show yourself off later – like when you finally get to meet her in person – if you get that far. I’m trying to help you here!

Your clothes should fit you and look good on you (unless you’re going for the gangsta-look) but hot and sexy girls want to see that a guy has some style. If you’re lucky enough to get a date with a hot girl, they don’t want to be embarrassed by your lack of style.

So add pictures of yourself in a nice T-shirt or dress shirt and slacks or shorts. You can even show some style with a nice leather jacket or sports coat. Girls will notice this and you’ll stick out like a diamond on the beach full of deadwood. Got it?

Tweak #3. Use Pictures That Are Recent

Use a picture taken within the last year.

If you have changed your look drastically you should update your picture.

That means if you lost a lot of weight and your face looks better, use the “new you” picture.

Or if you have changed your facial hair like shaved a beard or mustache or have grown one in.

Or if you have changed your hairstyle drastically.

Tweak #4. Have Appealing Body Language

You want to look confident and approachable.

So don’t use a picture with your arms or legs crossed. You’ll come across as cold. And don’t stand like a geek with your back hunched over and your feet pointed out or holding your arms in an awkward position.

Try to look tall and relaxed.

Tweak #5. Don’t Hold Any Objects In Front of Your Body

I saw a profile picture of a guy with a drink in his hand. You know where he held it? He held the tall glass up high in front of his body. The camera angle made it look like he set his chin in the glass. Not flattering.

Don’t let an object look like something weird is attached to you or coming out of your body.

A lot of people, not just guys, make the mistake of having some kind of funny object behind their head and it looks like the object has sandwiched their head or it’s coming out of their head.

Better not to use a picture of yourself with any of these “object” issues. Just find another picture to use no matter how good you think you look – because girls won’t be looking at you, they’ll be looking at that funny thing coming out of your head!

A Final Thought On Pictures To Use

Now if you’ve gone through your pictures and nothing looks flattering (you probably don’t have a lot of pictures to choose from to begin with), make some time over the weekend when you go out with your friends to take lots of pictures at the place you’re hanging out.

If you need more time to accumulate enough pictures to make a flattering choice, then take the time.

Better to make a great first impression in two or three weeks, than to rush and upload a crappy picture that hot girls will be skipping over.

WARNING: Do not neglect the above secrets to making your online dating profile a chick magnet! Be sure to take this advise seriously if you want to start flooding your profile with responses from hot, fun and sexy girls.

write by Magnus

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