Golden Swiss Steak

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I was just pouring an icy cold glass of tea as our neighbor Ginny announced her presence in the kitchen in the usual way, by giving a short dry cough. I could never figure out if this was some kind of code between her and the Aunt’s, or if she was just to timid to say hello. That thought lasted for about half a second as Ginny was never shy about asking questions, how could she be shy about introducing herself to people who knew her better than she’d like to think? I suppose this was just her way of warning you she was listening. She started the conversation with saying, “I couldn’t help but hear as I was standing in the door (I told you she was a listener) that you all are having company for supper again tonight. Hmmmmm?

What she meant by the statement “again tonight” was that she just happened to be looking out that window of hers last evening when Olivia’s friend, the Reverend Hinshaw, arrived for supper. Olivia’s face was beginning to burn red and I saw that little vein on the side of her forehead start to bulge out. Olivia being a redhead and all, I felt sorry for her not being able to hide her embarrassments and frustrations as well as the rest of us. I decided I better step into this conversation and change it’s direction quickly for the sake of us all. When Olivia was upset the entire block knew it. You would see people getting in their cars to make quick trips to town. This here is no joke! With gas being rationed and all, I would be doing the entire nation a favor by speaking up. So I did.

“Would you like a glass of icy cold tea, and a sugar cookie Ginny? You and I could go in the back yard and sit under the Oak tree and have us a little talk.” (I figured I would up the annie by giving Ginny an excuse to pump me for information) Ginny jumped at the chance and even looked a might startled that I would be extending such an invitation to her. I poured the tea, and put the cookies on a plate and out we went to set under the Oak tree.

So, said Ginny, the evangelist Hinshaw is sparking Olivia is he? I told Ginny that courting must be different than sparking. With courting you were usually alone, just the two of you. Also, the gentleman usually did the inviting NOT the grandma, and certainly not to supper with 13 other people in attendance. Nope, with courting you were ask out, it usually wasn’t because you felt obligated cause the preachers wife was expecting and couldn’t stand on her feet for hours preparing a meal fit for a king so’s you could put on the dog while the evangelist was in revival at your church. Ginny’s eyes got real wide and she sat up straight. After staring at me over the top of her spectacles for what seemed an hour but I’m sure was only a few seconds, she ask what was being prepared that smelled so delicious it must be sinful. Now the conversation was headed in the right direction.

Well, you know Aunt Nita, nothing’s to good for a preacher man (I didn’t dare add, especially when he was interested in her niece) so she is preparing Golden Swiss Steak, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, fresh picked Green Beans, hot buttered Corn Bread, and Berry Cobbler for dessert. Hmmmmm, she said, sure smells good. I didn’t say a word. We finished our tea in silence and headed back for the kitchen. I would leave extending an invite to Ginny for supper up to Aunt Nita. Like Grandpa says, “I know which side my bread is buttered on.”

Golden Swiss Steak

½ C flour

¼ C vegetable oil

½ tsp. cayenne pepper

1 green bell pepper (cut into thin strips)

4 small green onions (scallions) chopped using green stems also

2 cloves garlic (minced)

1 large vine ripe tomato (diced)

½ C V8 juice

1 can Campbell’s Golden Mushroom soup

2 lb’s round steak, (½ inch thick)

Place meat on cutting board and cut into desired serving pieces. On cutting board using a meat mallet, pound the meat on both sides until it is flat. Rub meat on all sides with flour until it is completely coated. Put oil in large skillet and heat over medium heat. When oil is hot, place steak pieces in skillet and brown on both sides. Sprinkle with cayenne pepper. Add bell pepper, green onions, garlic, and tomato. Stir, making sure to get all brown crust from the bottom of the skillet. This is the basis of your sauce and will give your Swiss Steak lot’s of flavor. Simmer for 10 minutes without lid. Mix tomato juice and golden mushroom soup together in a small bowl, making sure to mix thoroughly. Pour over the meat mixture, place lid on skillet and turn to simmer. Simmer on LOW HEAT for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, again making sure to scrape the goodies from the bottom of the pan.

Hint: You don’t have to be an evangelist to love this!

From a collection “Tastebud Tidbits” by Joyce M. Edwards

write by Alvar


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