Gemini Twins Symbol and Gemini Tattoos

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The astrological signs were originally divided into 18 irregular signs by the Babylonians. However, a new division has been used for centuries that have divided the signs into 12 sections each at 30 degrees. This division gives a more accurate interpretation of each sign.

One such astrological sign is the sign of Gemini twins Symbol. There are many designs for Gemini tattoos of the Gemini Twins that can easily be tattooed on a person born between May 22-June 21.

Gemini is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, and it is an air sign, which means that they are adaptable and intelligent. They are ruled by the planet Mercury, and are connected with change and communications. Gemini are very sociable and friendly in nature. They look for idealistic fun friends who share the same interests. When they focus their multiple personality they can experience very much success in their life. Gemini have a logical and a curious mind, which is versatile and bright. They are quick learners with many different interests, and they are good producers at the work place, at least until they become bored, and they tend to get bored easily.

Other attributes of Gemini twins symbol include, charming, multitasking, entertaining, witty, straight forward, open minded, out going, enthusiastic, experimental, playful, adventurous, broad minded, verbal, dynamic, and youthful.

Some of the business fields that Gemini are good at include, journalism, education, advertising, law, and engineering. However, many Gemini have been leaders of countries, and actors, such as Queen Elizabeth (1800), Angelina Jolie, Courtney Cox, and many others.

Gemini twins symbol and Gemini tattoos colors should include yellows, and greens. Green represents and is the same color as money, and yellow is a color for strength. Their metal is Mercury; and Gemini are ruled by their hands, shoulders and arms.

Gemini get along very well with other signs of the zodiac, such as, Aquarius and Libra, the other air signs. They also get along with Leo, Aries, and Taurus. Scorpio and Cancer signs can be tolerated, but Gemini finds Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn, and Sagittarius signs very difficult.

The sign of the Gemini twins symbol gives the Gemini a dual nature, and when the moon is in Gemini it gives of the negative aspects of them; it means they are elusive, complex and contradictory. They are also restless, self interested, over talkative, over stimulated, inconsistent, vain, critical, boastful, tricky, insensitive, two faced, too curious, and too serious, they like to play mind games, and they are ego oriented.

Many astrologers believe that anybody born under the Gemini twins symbol will tend to have a straight narrow nose, they are slim, petite, and have long limbs. They are average or below average in height, and they will have a well proportioned chin, a wide mouth and long fingers, they also will have pointy features, and high cheek bones. They do not like losing or being wrong about anything, they also do not like being in a bad situation, or being alone, and they do not like it when they do not get credit for their successes.

Gemini tattoos designs are found all over the internet, and designs are made from the Roman numeral II, or can be a set of twins. It is up to each Gemini that is thinking of having a Gemini tattoo, to search for a design that they will be happy with, and proud to show off.

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