Friendship Or Sex?

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A friendship between a man and a woman sooner or later ends up with sex. This, of course, is not always true, but often enough. The question is whether it’s worth it to convert good friendship into an intimate relationship. You will be able to weigh out all pros and cons after reading this article.

Let’s start with the pros. The first one is sex without limitations. The most obvious advantage is the simplicity of the relationship. You have a sexual partner, you don’t have to look elsewhere, moreover your relationship is built on the lack of pressure and limitations, and of course the emotional side of the issue. However, this is only possible in case both parties clearly understand that such sexual relationship does not bind either one of them to any obligations. Both partners are honest with each other about having sex and nothing more, or in other words they just pleasure each other without any thoughts about being used by the other person, since in all actuality, a sexual relationship like this is based on the mutual using of each other.

If you do not want your sexual relationship to ruin your friendship, you should be honest with each other. If one of you (this especially concerns the females) starts to nourish hope for something more, you can consider it the beginning of the end of your friendship. In 9 out of 10 cases such friendly-sexual relationship does not grow into a serious stage, therefore, women, do not attempt to turn your male friend into a serious partner for life and do not enter into sexual relationship with him with some far-reaching calculations, do it only if both of you want sexual pleasure and it is only limited to sex.

There is also a factor of convenience and comfort. Such situation is convenient since this way you are skipping over the flirting stage. You do not need to go on dates, buy gifts, ask her out for dinner, and try to guess what she likes and what she does not. Everything is already simple and known. You do not need to worry about how the evening is going to go, you feel comfortable with each other both physically and emotionally, you both know each other’s shortcomings. Men do not have to worry whether the sexual intercourse will be successful since either way you will remain on good terms and may even laugh together over minor setbacks. A relationship like this suits people who do not have time for romance, but need to fulfill their physical needs.

Remember that you should be honest with each other, cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Moreover you should not share about your relationship with your friends, relatives, or acquaintances. You also should not parade your relationship in public. If you both have a mutual understanding when it comes to this, it is usually enough to just make a call. But if for some reason your partner is saying no to meeting up, do not insist or take offense, since you don’t owe anything to each other, this is the basis of such a relationship.

Furthermore, the factor of convenience and comfort does not mean that you should be a lazy lover. At the same time do not try to impress your partner, simply pleasure the other person, and they will reciprocate with the same.

Now let’s move on to the cons. Someone will inevitably get attached, start wanting more, and dream about a serious relationship. And if such desires are not mutual, people will hurt each other, there will be jealousy. It is difficult to separate sex from emotions, but this is exactly what you need to do if you want to start a sexual relationship with a friend.

Try to avoid the owner instinct. Remember that your relationship is open, you do not owe anything to each other. If, for example, you do not want to meet up today, it does not mean that your partner does not have the right to go out with someone else. If you are an owner by nature, maybe you should not start a relationship like this.

Sex will bring the end to friendship. Balancing friendship and love, sooner or later ruins the friendship, you may stop communicating altogether. Unfortunately, usually this is exactly how things end up, since as soon as you move on to the physical level, the former dynamic of the friendship development is gone forever.

If you want to preserve your friendship with the person who to his misfortunate happened to be of the opposite sex, do not risk it and take some precautions: do not drink alcohol together, do not spend a lot of time alone.

If a woman, with whom you have a serious relationship, ever finds out that you used to have a sexual relationship with a female friend, she will be jealous and cautious about all the women in your life. The same is true when applied to men.

The “happy end” in a relationship like this does not happen very often, however, it is still possible that both of you will develop romantic feelings for each other. And when it happens, your friendship will grow into something more than merely an agreement to satisfy your physical needs, it will grow into a serious relationship with a solid foundation, based on friendship, mutual understanding and tender feelings.

write by Odile


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