Five Qualities To Look For In A Good Hypnotherapist

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There are a lot of hypnotherapists out there and sometimes it can be tricky to know which one is best for you. Hypnotherapy is an art, not a science, and it needs to be wielded by someone who approaches it as such. Many courses teach the therapist to talk slowly, relax the client and then read scripts at them in that relaxed state that are designed to deal with the presenting issue. This is not an art, it is not hypnosis and where as it can work sometimes, it has not got the best chances of being successful. These therapists all talk about hypnosis in the way they have been taught, regurgitating what they learned without any real deep understanding of what is going on. To help sort the wheat from the chaff, here are five qualities to look out for in a good hypnotherapist to help when choosing one for you.

They understand hypnosis

There is more to hypnosis than relaxation. Hypnosis is a phenomenon. If real hypnosis is achieved then the process of change is not about therapy it is about solving a problem and can be done very quickly, even for issues that seem extremely complicated. Not all hypnotherapists really understand the ‘hypno’ part of their trade but it is an important quality to look for in a good hypnotherapist for obvious reasons.

The other thing about hypnosis is that it does not work on everyone. You do not want to pay out on 1 session or 5 sessions with someone advertising hypnotherapy without knowing if you can be hypnotised – if you can’t be hypnotised the whole thing could be a waste of time, money and a false hope. When choosing a hypnotherapist make sure it is one that talks about what they do in a way that demonstrates they know what hypnosis is. Also that they can demonstrate hypnosis to you in order for you to make an educated decision on whether to invest your time, money and hopes. Hypnosis is not a state that you go in and out of every day, it is out of the ordinary so the hypnotist should test that something out of the ordinary is happening in order to know if their techniques are likely to work on you.

They do not use scripts

Once hypnosis has been achieved there is a problem to be solved. You are doing something in your subconscious mind that is producing a result that makes you feel uncomfortable. That is why you are looking for a hypnotherapist. Let’s look at anxiety as an example. The anxiety that you experience is not the same as the anxiety that someone else experiences so you should not both be treated in the same way. Many hypnotherapists use scripts to treat anxiety, but those scripts are not based on you and your experience so it is not necessarily going to work.

When choosing a hypnotherapist choose one who does not use scripts, who tailors what they do to you and your experiences, who uses two way communication throughout the session to check that what they are doing is working so that they can change tack if necessary rather than waiting until after the session to find out if things have gone well.

They don’t try and sell you a set number of sessions

Some courses teach that a phobia will take two sessions for example and childhood trauma will take four sessions, smoking takes five sessions etc. This is not the case. With hypnosis tested and achieved and treatment tailored uniquely to you results should be achieved quickly. There is certainly not a fixed amount of time or a set number of things to do in order to get you those results.

You should be looking for a hypnotherapist who is focused on getting you real results as quickly as possible, in as few sessions as possible instead of trying to tie you into several sessions.

They have a good imagination

Imagination is an essential quality to look for in a good hypnotherapist. Many hypnotherapists sell themselves in the same way, and conduct their sessions in the same way and that way is the way they were taught. It doesn’t sound so bad does it? But the things is they should be growing after their course is finished, each client should teach them something new about the fabulous world of the mind, and their own creativity and intuition should be turning what they have learnt into something special. When looking for a hypnotherapist look for someone who talks about the mind, about the symptoms and about the hypnotic process with passion and curiosity. Go for one who says things that you have not heard before that talks about things in a way that you have never thought of before using metaphors and stories and originality, but in a way that resonates with you, that makes sense at a deeper level.

When you are in hypnosis, they need to solve a problem within your subconscious mind and your subconscious is creative and unpredictable and this problem cannot be solved with rationality. The hypnotist must be able to listen to you and adapt themselves, thinking on their feet to respond to your mind, connect with it and then lead it out of the hole that it has found itself in. You can’t learn this stuff in a class it needs to come from the person themselves. Imagination is the language of the subconscious so you need to find a hypnotherapist who is in tune with theirs.

The way they talk about your predicament resonates with you

A good hypnotist will work with you and your experiences and use what you give them to solve the problem that you are looking to fix, but they are bringing something to the table as well, and it is near impossible for anyone to completely disregard themselves while engaging with someone else so you need to choose someone who talks about your issue in a way that makes you believe they understand you because then half the job is done – they will understand you even better once they have had a chance to hear your side and the two of you will work well together for your benefit.

write by Azaria


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